Blavatsky Study Center:& Website on H.P. Blavatsky & Theosophy includingBlavatsky Archives.

This website contains extensive material
on the life, writings & teachings
of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-91),
founder of modern Theosophy

“There are three truths which are absolute, and which cannot be lost, but yet may remain silent for lack of speech.

“The soul of man is immortal, and its future is the future of a thing whose growth and splendor has no limit.
“The principle which gives life dwells in us, and without us, is undying and eternally beneficent, is not heard or seen or smelt, but is perceived by the man who desires perception.
“Each man is his own absolute lawgiver, the dispenser of glory or gloom to himself; the decreer of his life, his reward, his punishment.

The Theosophical Society was formed at New York on 17 November 1875, and incorporated at Chennai (Madras) 3 April 1905.

Its three declared objects are :

To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity,
without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.

To encourage the study of Comparative Religion, Philosophy and Science.

To investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in man.

The Golden Stairs

A Clean Life
An open mind
A pure heart
An eager intellect
An unveiled spiritual perception
A brotherliness for all
A readiness to give and receive advice and instruction
A loyal sense of duty to the Teacher
A willing obedience to the behests of TRUTH,
once we have placed our confidence in and believe
that Teacher to be in possession of it
A courageous endurance of personal injustice
A brave declaration of principles
A valiant defence of those who are unjustly attacked, and
A constant eye to the ideal of human progression
and perfection which the Sacred Science depicts

These are the golden stairs up the steps of which
the learner may climb to the Temple of Divine Wisdom.


The Only Way Out
Is it not time that the more farseeing and superior minds of the world should see to it that calmness and reason and impartial justice shall henceforth prevail? Is there any other and better way out of our troubles and difficulties than by solving them wisely? If men deliberately refuse to listen to reason, if men deliberately refuse to wish or to will to do justice, then it seems certain that down we shall go, and our civilization, our great cities and the manifold works and labors of millions of hands through the years, shall be dust and ruined heaps.
Wind of the Spirit by G. de Purucker

Our Path is a Journey of Awakening to Universal Ageless Wisdom
On this journey of life we seek one thing,
Divine fellowship, in recognition of our oneness.
We seek divine Love and Wisdom because that is the expression of what we truly are.
Upon our Awakening we see there is only an Infinite Eternal One.
This is the path of peace.
And I walk it with you today.

Bhima Noel

Hilarion Said
“To those who would enter the Temple of Mysteries as disciples,
I say there are seven requisites:
Freedom from Prejudice;
And from Thralldom;
Devotion to the Principles;
Charity toward all;
Removal of Stumbling Blocks
From the Path of Lesser Disciples;
Earnest Cooperation;
Burial of Past Mistakes.”

“Devotion to truth,
love for all living beings,
and commitments to a life of active altruism
are the marks of the true Theosophist.”

The Long & Winding Road


About Beema Noel

One navigates life's journey with the compass given. With blessings our instrument is true. Never Forget Remember the One The Way of Love Our Life, Our All This I believe is the journey we share so let us gladly walk together. As a child guided by my heart~ calling to mountains & sky, As a teen my heart called for freedom, As a young man; Blessed by the mystic yogi, One who may lead those seeking to make their way, by the rainbow light of the ever new Aeon.
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