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Gandhi Shrine
The Lake shrine is home for the picturesque Mahatma Gandhi World Peace Memorial, the “wall-less temple” erected in honor of Mahatma Gandhi, architect of India’s freedom through nonviolent means. The focal point of the memorial is a thousand-year-old stone sarcophagus from China, in which a portion of Gandhi’s ashes are encased in a brass and silver coffer.

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With Mahatma Gandhi in Wardha

One of the greatest lessons of Gandhi’s life remains this: through the spiritual traditions of the West he, an Indian, discovered his Indian heritage and with it his own “right mind”. And in his fidelity to his own heritage and its spiritual sanity, he was able to show [people] of the West and of the whole world a way to recover their own “right mind” in their own tradition, thus manifesting the fact that there are certain indisputable and essential values – religious, ascetic, spiritual and philosophical … It was the spiritual consciousness of a people that awakened in the spirit of one person. But the message of the Indian spirit, of Indian wisdom, was not for India alone. It was for the entire world. Hence Gandhi’s message was valid for India and for himself in so far as it represented the awakening of a new world. The Indian mind that was awakening in Gandhi was inclusive not exclusive. It was at once Indian and universal. It was not a mind of hate, of intolerance, of accusation, of rejection, of division.
It was a mind of love, of understanding, of infinite capaciousness.
Thomas Merton
Quoted in the book Journey’s East
By Harry Oldmeadow


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One navigates life's journey with the compass given. With blessings our instrument is true. Never Forget Remember the One The Way of Love Our Life, Our All This I believe is the journey we share so let us gladly walk together. As a child guided by my heart~ calling to mountains & sky, As a teen my heart called for freedom, As a young man; Blessed by the mystic yogi, One who may lead those seeking to make their way, by the rainbow light of the ever new Aeon.
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