World Brotherhood Colonies
“This day marks the birth of a new era. My spoken words are registered in the ether, in the Spirit of God, and they shall move the West…. Self-Realization has come to unite all religions…. We must go on – – not only those who are here, but thousands of youths must go North, South, East and West to cover the earth with little colonies, demonstrating that simplicity of living plus high thinking lead to the greatest happiness!”
-Paramhansa Yogananda, from The Path. The photo above was taken on the occasion of this talk.

While not associated with the Ananda Fellowship I visited the community often in the 70’s and 80’s. “I greatly appreciate the work of Ananda and Kriyananda. My personal feeling is that organizations such as Ananda and SRF, or for that matter other new age organizations, such as the Theosophical Societies and many others are all invaluable steps along our way moving toward the ideal of Universal Fellowship”.

“The next step, I would suggest we need to take, is to embody a fellowship which more fully embraces an esoteric understanding of all ageless wisdom traditions. Any truly ageless wisdom movement must also be; as Yogananda expressed it divine awakening, is to be “ever new”. While older traditions may be sacred vessels for ageless wisdom they may also carry the heavy karmic burdens of days gone by, and such a burden if not newly illuminated can lead to our demise.

Truly sacred energy always remains fresh and enlivening. We should be sure we connect with it and cherish the sacred within our hearts. I believe Ananda does embody a living spirit; yet is sectarian. These distinctions may be impossible to avoid; for that very reason we should try harder to overcome our separateness. I would like to see various alternative spiritual movements working together. Yet beyond distinctions I would like to see a new kind of spiritual association; not just an ecumenical association, but a fellowship of true Universalist; dedicated to embodying a true spirit of oneness; this is the ideal of a Rosemont Fellowship.”

(from the page)
The establishment of World Brotherhood Colonies was a long time dream of Yogananda. He spoke enthusiastically up until the very end of his life about this dream. In his Autobiography of a Yogi he exclaimed, “An urgent need on this war-torn earth is the founding, on a spiritual basis, of numerous world-brotherhood colonies.” (Note: these words were edited out in the late 1950’s.)

One of the Aims and Ideals of his organization, while he was alive, was “To spread a spirit of world brotherhood among all peoples and to aid in the establishment, in many countries, of self-sustaining world-brotherhood colonies for plain living and high thinking.” He spoke of this dream just a few months before his passing to a disciple, Kamala Silva (see link to the passage from Kamala’s book below).

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