A Spiritual Journey — Wendell Berry


A Spiritual Journey

And the world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles,
no matter how long,
but only by a spiritual journey,
a journey of one inch,
very arduous and humbling and joyful,
by which we arrive at the ground at our feet,
and learn to be at home.

~ Wendell Berry ~

(Collected Poems)

Here we are –
With the only thing truly meaningful in life and death;
the love we feel for one another and those most dear to us.

We suffer for that love, but it’s a price worth paying,
Because in the end it’s the only thing left with meaning.
Everything else falls away, but our love,
And memories of the love we have shared.

The past is gone, but in our memories
and the future is uncertain.
Whether you believe in heaven or not,
the only thing that truly matters
is the love we have for one another.

I believe in spirit
and that we are more than just the body.
Because the Great Ones who love us say it is so
and they would not lie to those they love.

Love is like an Angel in our heart,
and Angels are the best company we can keep.
Although now we are only human,
in their company we to become like Angels.
And when we love they surely touch our hearts.

Bhima Noel

Paise love & kindness
May all minds seek goodness.
And share its blessings.

About Beema Noel

One navigates life's journey with the compass given. With blessings our instrument is true. Never Forget Remember the One The Way of Love Our Life, Our All This I believe is the journey we share so let us gladly walk together. As a child guided by my heart~ calling to mountains & sky, As a teen my heart called for freedom, As a young man; Blessed by the mystic yogi, One who may lead those seeking to make their way, by the rainbow light of the ever new Aeon.
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