This soul’s manifesto is a humble offering from one truth seeker; calling out to another, yearning to fan flames of spiritual desire, and thus revel in “The One”. And in this reveling to reveal, within the soul, a greater realization of the One Spiritual Light of Universal Love and Eternal Wisdom; the source and the well of ever lasting life. May we baptize our soul in fire of the One Spirit and the water of divine realization.

Ultimately, for each of us, a testimony of truth must come through our own personal realization of “The Holy Spirit of Truth “; the knowingness which lays deeply hidden, in the temple of all hearts. In this spirit, these words seek to speak to your heart, more than your head. The Holy Spirit of Truth knocks. Only you can open the door. While words may not speak the whole truth, a pure heart, initiated by divine love and wisdom, receives truth alone. Divine spirit seeks to nurture seeds of eternal truth, now lying dormant in fallow fields of activity, thoughts and intuitions.

Your heart’s fervent prayer sings a song;

“Watering seeds of peace with joy

Reap a harvest grander than mere words may alloy.

In days of abundance share treasures golden

Transformed by wisdom, and by love embolden.

The impetus for these writings comes from a desire to share with you ideas I have found helpful in providing direction along the rocky and winding path of seeking inner truth. During my youth I was often inspired by the blissful freedom of singing in church, or by reading the stories of the New Testament. The expansiveness of simply gazing at the sky intrigued me as well

One of the early, powerful, mystical moments in my life as a young teenager, I recall, happened one starry night. A childhood friend and I were talking about various wonderments when he said; “Can you imagine that the universe is infinite?”

Really, what could that possibly mean? Looking up at the starry sky I imagined to myself, what does endless space really mean? What can be beyond what is endless? The implications were mind boggling. That night in my heart I made a personal vow to seek the meaning of life through deleing into the mysteries of the infinite. May this quest always dominate my life. This quest, like a guiding light illumines the path of ageless wisdom and prevents me from going very far astray.

Throughout my life I’ve often wondered about the many mystical treasures which are hidden behind life’s multi- various forms, all expressing qualities of the infinite. Truly, this universe is like a great holographic creation reflecting one Great Spirit. As you may know, a hologram is a three dimensional image which if broken reflects the whole image within each tiny piece; in the same way a drop of the ocean contains the quality of the ocean, or a cell of your body contains the DNA blueprint for the whole body. A delicate flower, such as a day lily, expresses fully in its short life the eternal quality of beauty. This beauty is not diminished by the short life of the blossom. Beauty remains everlasting, waiting in potential for its next opportunity to be expressed.

Looking back over my life, my many failings are all too apparent to me. Still, I have learned much and am reminded and encouraged by the words of this great spiritual Master Paramahansa Yogananda. He said, “A saint is a sinner who never gave up!” I have no intention of giving up even if my quest is longer than other’s.

Many say, as Yogananda did, that in searching for the well of everlasting water one must dig deep in one spot rather than digging in many places. One also might say you can’t sail with your feet in two boats. I agree, and I also feel there is one vital source, truth; as there is one sea, the source of all wells. Each one of us must find a vehicle worthy to sail the vast sea of consciousness. May we enter a ship of universal perfection and unfurl our sails into the winds of truth.

In order to honor this dedication of my being I am compelled to write about what I see as “Our Universal Journey to the Heart of Being” and now like to call “The Rosemont Way to a Heart Sanctuary for a New Aeon”. I would ask only this of you: If you dare to follow a  universal path, please be willing to follow it truly in all that you do, so you may not be lost or misled for too long, or too often, as you travel along your way. This lesson we must learn everyday.

A Dedication To The Rosemont Journey

A Heart Sanctuary For A New Aeon

In the rose garden on Krotona Hill, in Ojai California, sometime very close to 5:50 am. On November sixteenth 1993 I witnessed what for me was truly a singular experience. I had arisen a few minutes after 5:30 in hopes of seeing this celestial event. As I stepped outside the sky was just beginning to show its signs of morning light. Looking west Orion stood boldly over the horizon. In the northeast the familiar Big Dipper poured forth. As I approached my eastern viewing sight, the sky was beginning to light up.

Medium level clouds streaked the sky in broad, yet separate bands, adding a beautiful mellow peach color to the subtle blue and gray sky tones. While beautiful in itself this is not exactly what I had hoped to see. My objective was planetary observation. Enjoying the brightening sky I was able to observe both Venus and Jupiter, which had been in close conjunction about one week earlier. Holding my fingertips at arms length they were now three finger widths apart, Venus above Jupiter.

I was about to abandon my morning quest when it happened. The event I had risen in hope of seeing, Mercury rising. Never before do I recall rising to see this. At first it was on the mountaintop. I thought, “Perhaps it is just a bright earth bound light”. I moved to see if there was separation between it and the earth. It was so bright and rising in the sky for a moment I thought perhaps it is a large plane coming toward me. Then I saw clearly it is the messenger of Ra the Sun. Clearly I had seen Mercury rise over the hills of Ojai.

There, peeking from between the now flaming cloud bands stood Mercury, Jupiter and Venus all in Scorpio. Mercury now was but two finger widths from Jupiter with Jupiter pointing the way east, being slightly east of Mercury and Venus. This was a singular moment in my life never again will I see it for the first time. I know not when this celestial event happens again. Pondering this celestial glory I though to myself “what better time then the present to once again dedicate my heart in service to the New Aeon”; the universal spirit of oneness, which though divine love and joy embodies the sacred science of ageless wisdom; a progressive theosophy of divine awakening.

There among the roses I determined to dedicate myself heart and soul to establishing for others The Rosemont Journey; A path which leads to the sanctuary of the New Aeon’s universal love. The goal of this Journey is to help souls awaken to the progressive experience of a personal theosophy. The Journey to the temple within, the sanctuary of true universal love, needs to be consecrated both within the heart and though the fellowship of hearts dedicated to sharing the development of a personal Adept Path which leads to the experience of Integral Living. Understanding a true theosophy to be the path of love for the divine;  the mother/ father God of all universally manifest as pure conscious energy, is a first step leading toward this goal. My dream is to see the formation of a group of sincere souls who more than anything else, wish to serve the truth they see in each other with the wisdom of compassion. Each moment I hope  you join me in seeking to embody this spirit, of an Ever New Aeon; which is an angel of light shining in the hearts of all souls who sincerely seek wisdom, through realizing the oneness within all that is; and by manifesting a deepening expression of world unity and universal fellowship. This Peace to You!


About Beema Noel

One navigates life's journey with the compass given. With blessings our instrument is true. Never Forget Remember the One The Way of Love Our Life, Our All This I believe is the journey we share so let us gladly walk together. As a child guided by my heart~ calling to mountains & sky, As a teen my heart called for freedom, As a young man; Blessed by the mystic yogi, One who may lead those seeking to make their way, by the rainbow light of the ever new Aeon.
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