Yoga Sutras Part 3 ~ Vibuti Pada ~ Illuminating Powers

3 Vibuti Pada – Illuminating Powers                          via Samyama – Samadhi

  1. Focusing the mind on a “point of attention” is dharana – concentration
  2. When the seeker is found in that “point” that is dhyanam – meditation
  3. When the subject/object relation fads away & there is just one, that is samadhi
  4. These three stages together, known as samyama, are like keys to liberation
  5. Gateways to higher perception, luminous clarity
  6. Samyama carries one on a journey to subtle planes  ~ *Samyama ~3 inner stages of yoga meditation culminating in samadhi
  7. On an inner journey leading beyond object & thought
  8. Then the final steps lead beyond ‘nirbijasya’ to the eternal beyond
  9. Samyama is how our mental stream flows into an ocean of consciousness
  10. Awareness of some underlying stillness unfolds within us
  11. the still peace of a timeless spacious awareness emerges
  12. Mind becomes like a still lake reflecting the radiant moon of  pure consciousness
  13. Seeing elemental states, senses, character, changes & quality of being become more clear
  14. So too more clear are the hidden qualities of  long evolutions
  15. And the relationship of resulting changes that follow naturally
  16. Samyama applied to these points one has a clearer sense of past & future
  17. Samyama on name, object, & ideas about these, offers an understanding of sounds and language
  18. Directly perceiving samskaras behind habits suggests the quality of past lives
  19. So too the quality of others behavior
  20. not the motive cause & thoughts directly but the tendency
  21. Samyama applied to one’s form calming the energies one becomes as though invisible. One may become unnoticed in anyway.
  22. Observing behavior of karma within & around us, we may perceive our time for passing on.
  23. Samyama on friendliness may magnetically bring it near
  24. Samyama on any power will allow it to be more available
  25. Directing clear light of focused awareness illumines any subject/object
  26. Samyama on the sun unveils the universe
  27. Samyama on the moon unveils planets & stars
  28. Samyama on the Polestar unveils progressions
  29. Samyama on ones navel brings awareness of body functions
  30. By samyama on ones throat allows hunger & thirst to be managed
  31. By samyama on the upper chest  are masters calmness of the body
  32. Samyama on the crown awakens vision of higher realms & beings
  33. All this comes by the light of tarakajnana i.e. pratibha – inner vision, deep intuition
  34. By samyama on the heart we know how our mind works
  35. Awakening to the difference between ego feeling & spirit one comes to know the true self
  36. Being one’s true Self awakens us to our higher supersensory bodies & senses
  37. Bring here no ego attachments to distract, misuse and demission these treasures
  38. Free of bondage to one’s body, one can even take on another body form
  39. Mastery of udana prana which flows up in the throat awakens one to the light body
  40. Samyama on samana prana in the gut gives effulgence to the body
  41. Samyama on space & hearing one hears supersensory sounds
  42. Samyama on one’s etheric nature permits lightness like cotton flying
  43. Samyama on consciousness free of the body lift the veil of delusion
  44. Samyama on the subtle aspects of elemental states offers mastery over them
  45. Mastery of elemental states offers 8 siddhas & perfection of ones nature
  46. Body perfections beauty, grace strength and endurance and productive capacities
  47. By samyama on the process of perceptions action, self, gunas & purpose, their mastery is attained
  48. Such mastery offers the quickened mind great harmony with & the power of the primal cause
  49. When purity of knowing reflects pure spirit all states of being & knowing are elevated
  50. Once free of desire & attachment, all seeds of obstructions are dissolved, and freedom reigns
  51. Now before the deva fellowship let no taint of ego rise to pull you down
  52. Now the samyama of  highest awakened wisdom permeates every moment
  53. All things now from high to low are deeply and clearly known
  54. Spontaneous intuitive wisdom leads any act or perception
  55.  Only one, pure spirit, remains, ever free!

Not a translation, but a free interpretation of the yoga sutras Chap.3

adapted for a Rosemont Way


About Beema Noel

One navigates life's journey with the compass given. With blessings our instrument is true. Never Forget Remember the One The Way of Love Our Life, Our All This I believe is the journey we share so let us gladly walk together. As a child guided by my heart~ calling to mountains & sky, As a teen my heart called for freedom, As a young man; Blessed by the mystic yogi, One who may lead those seeking to make their way, by the rainbow light of the ever new Aeon.
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