“The Cosmic Dream.” by Dr. M. W. Lewis


Dr. M. W. Lewis – “The Cosmic Dream.”

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The Cosmic Dream – SD
Dr. M.W. Lewis
San Diego, 1-3-60

Subject this morning: “The Cosmic Dream.”

In one sense it is a very difficult subject, because if you try to discuss or tell somebody about your dreams, you do not get very far, because the dream passes away when you come back into outward consciousness. It shows that it has no real existence; the fact that when you wake up, so to speak, into this waking consciousness in which you are operating now, where is the dream? Where is it? But when you were in it, it was pretty real, was it not? You taste it, and you smelt, and you got chased, or you chased someone. There’s no end to what can happen in your dream. But the thing to remember is this, that when you wake up, when you come into waking consciousness, the dream disappears. And then you know it was a product of your own waking consciousness. That’s the important thing to remember to understand this subject “The Cosmic Dream.”

I remember the Master always told me many times, he says, “Always remember the illustration of the dream, and then you can more easily understand this Cosmic Dream.” Now it is the same, exactly, the only difference is that in this little dream, so to speak, your consciousness, separated from the Universal Consciousness, has produced the dream. In other words, your invisible thought becomes visible, so to speak, in your dream. And yet, when you wake up and come back into this one waking consciousness where is your dream?

Now, that brings a rule – which you must never forget – that to break a dream, whether it be your individual dream, or the great Universal Dream of God, you must wake up into the original consciousness which has produced the dream. Therefore, as you break your own dream, when you wake up into your ordinary waking consciousness, to break the Cosmic Dream, you must wake up into that consciousness which is producing it, or Cosmic Consciousness, or God the Father.

Now that rule is, and always will be. That is undeniable, if you will remember it; sooner or later you will wake up, or be waked up by Divine Mother, into that consciousness, which has produced all this creation. Realize that. The rule is simple. You will break whatever the dream is – individual or cosmic – by waking up into that state of consciousness which has produced it. In one instance, your individual waking consciousness, in the next, or the other instance, the Universal Presence of God, as Cosmic Consciousness. Waking in that, you will see the dream pass away just as your own dream passes away. You wake up. How real it was. Suddenly, you wake up, and you see it, if you can hold it a little bit, sliding off. So with this dream of the world, exactly the same. You will understand it only when you wake up into that Consciousness which is producing it, or God’s Cosmic Consciousness.

Now, the saints and sages of India, of ancient times, have likened this universe to the materialized Thought of God: that is, in the nature of a dream. And now, I understand why the Master was so adamant in, in impressing me to remember my own dream state. Because you will find as you meditate more, and become more and more divorced from this worldly consciousness, that you will wake up in the Presence of God, and you will see and know this as a dream, more so than you know your own dream when you wake up in ordinary consciousness. That’s why I’m so happy at least I listened, and secondly, that I followed what he told me to do.

The breaking of the dream finally has to come through the Grace of God. But you have to prepare yourself that you receive that Grace. How? By following yoga – Raja Yoga – which simply means the science of uniting your separated consciousness from God to its real home, or the Cosmic Consciousness. We are that, but we cannot realize it. We seem apart. You’re there, and I’m here. The world is there, and seems so real. The sense of touch is the worst thing, because when you feel a thing, it’s pretty hard to realize it isn’t as it is; but it’s nothing but vibrating light atoms. But when you feel it, it’s so wonderful, isn’t it? That sense of touch is the worst thing. Other things you can supersede easily, but the sense of touch is very difficult. And the other thing to remember is that this body is not your dream. It’s the Dream of God.

And so, psychologically you can break your own dream, and you can meditate, and you can feel apart from this body, and nothing worries you a bit. Why? Because you have broken the psychological dream, but when you wake up, and feel good, there’s the body. There’s everybody and all the trouble waiting for you. Why? These are facts, because you haven’t broken the Cosmic Dream. So then you get busy and try harder, and one day the Lord says, “Well…come on, you’ve tried hard enough. You’ve had trouble enough.” And you’re so willing to say, “Amen!” Then He breaks the Cosmic Dream, and you say, “My Lord! What have I been fiddlin’ around with this ego consciousness for?” It’s the ego consciousness that causes all this to be so real. You understand that? It’s the
consciousness that you think that you are the doer in this dream, instead of realizing that God is the Doer. You think you are the Doer, and you get so fed up with, sometimes you get into all sorts of messes until you realize, by these troubles that there’s something wrong. And then, in your misery, you turn to the Lord and you say, “Get me out of this dream. Break this dream.” “From this dream Lord will you wake me.1” He says, “All right. Come on.” Just like that. Just like you break your own dream, but you have to prepare yourself. You have to, by the practice of yoga, know the Presence of God – know His Reality as Peace and Bliss and Undifferentiated Consciousness of Light – you have to know that. Then He can break the Dream; but not until then.

And so, this Cosmic Dream, remember, is like your own dream, only it’s simply the materialized Thought of God. Instead of your own thought projected from the subconscious mind, it is the projection of the Thought of God. As it says in Genesis, “God created heaven and earth, and they were without form and void.2” (Sic) Well, where were they? They were in His Thought, that’s all. And then, then He created Light.3 Then He created electronic energy, vibration, the Great Cosmic Energy, the Om sound, the Amen of the, of our Bible, the Om of the Hindus, the Amin of the Muhammadans. He created that vibration, that Light; and then He projected that energy as Light, as a motion picture, and has produced this thing, which seems so real. It is not real, it is not as it seems.
Now, we do that same thing in our little dream. We have all these thoughts stored up, and they’re added to every day and every minute in the subconsciousness. And then, through the law of projection – duality – we pass that energy through the little films and project on the screen of consciousness our dream. We do the same thing as God does only He does it in a far greater measure.

And so that’s what, that’s what the thing to remember is. The thing to remember in this Cosmic Dream is that it is the materialized Thought of God. You have the scriptures, “God created heaven and earth, and they were without form and void.” Then, then He created light. Or then He energized, energized, so to speak, these Thoughts which He had, which took millions of years – according to our sense of time – to produce the different creations and universes. And then He projected that Light through these films of Thought, and projected them and has given us this Universe, this Creation.

Now that’s what the Cosmic Dream is. But it doesn’t seem so, that it is as simple as that. And it seems so real due to the fact that our ego is attached to it. If we can get the, rid of the ego, throw it out, then, we can feel that we are not the doer. Then we can understand much easier. But as long as you think you are the doer, you feel big, ya know, you cannot do a thing. God is the One. He’s the One, and that’s the hardest thing.

You know how long it takes to break the ego, to get it out? Only a million years of our time, that’s all. Think of it. If I had to live with mine that long I’d, I’d get it out somehow. Well, the somehow is, you can get it out by the practice of Raja Yoga, which Self-Realization Fellowship teaches, which allows you to break the attachment of your Soul to the ego. And that million years can be speeded up, so that you can do it without too much difficulty in one lifetime. Think of it.
Because the practice of Raja Yoga, especially Kriya Yoga, is scientific; and you do so much, you get so much evolution. If you do so much more, you’ll get that much more evolution; and when you do enough, the ego is eliminated. And then, God has freedom to come into you, and say, “Now you see. I’m the Sole Doer.” “Thou shalt have no other gods before me,” is just what He meant, and what He means. But how difficult it is to say, “Well, Lord, you take care of things now,” and the next minute you’re at it again. These are facts. You cannot get away. I found it so, and I know most of you, if you’re sincere, and truthful you’ll say, “That’s right. Amen.” And these things are fact.

“Cosmic Chant”

From this sleep, Lord, will You wake me?
From this dream, Lord, will You wake me?
In Thee I’m born, In Thee I die,
To live forever in Thee.
~ Shri Shri Paramahansa Yogananda Ji

Just a reference at this time from our Master’s writings; he says things, which it takes a long time to understand by…[Doctor sways at the podium momentarily and so he explains to the audience what is happening]…I’m all right, it’s just that I haven’t been drinking or anything, but sometimes God is so wonderful, you just forget everything. Instead of standing straight you’re apt to fall over. That’s all right. Now let’s go on with this reference…that there is one underlying Noumena, and that’s God’s Presence. The underlying Noumena is the greatest thing, if you can understand that and know that you are not this body, but vibrating Light of God. And science has shown these things. I’ll come to it in just a moment. “The whole universe is a materialized thought of the Creator. This heavy, earthly clod, floating in space is a dream of God. He made all things out of His consciousness,” He made all things out of His Consciousness, “even as man, in his dream consciousness reproduces and vivifies a creation with its creatures.5” Now, these are our Master’s words. These are words of truth. Just as you create in your dream, God has made this creation.

How do you break your dream? Return to the original consciousness which you have. Therefore, how to break the Cosmic Dream? Return to that Consciousness which has produced it – Cosmic Consciousness. Not this limited mundane consciousness. God first created the earth as an Idea, as I have spoke to you about in Genesis. And then He created this Holy Vibration to produce those things as solids, liquids, gasses, and so forth. First, He produced the atom, and on that He built all things, until finally He has the creation. He did that how? By His Will. So likewise we, although we do not realize it, dream because our will is there – will hidden underneath in the subconsciousness.

Now, “When He withdraws His will…” the Master says, “the earth will disintegrate into energy. Energy will dissolve into consciousness; and the earth idea will disappear from objectivity.6” (Sic) Doesn’t your dream do the same thing? So it will be when you wake up in God. This dream, which seems so real, will disappear from objectivity. Which is true; but only when you become that consciousness which has produced the Dream, or Cosmic Consciousness; which we are, only we don’t realize it. And so, from Thought this whole material universe has come. As I have pointed out – by creating energy, activating the Thought, producing the Great Cosmic Sound of Om, or the Great Holy Vibration, the Spirit, the Comforter which Jesus spoke – from that projecting the Light, this whole thing has come.

Now science, science testifies, or substantiates the dream nature of the universe. This isn’t just some idea. This has been shown and proven by science, and especially lately. Science has shown, and is showing, that matter is always changing, resolving into first, electromagnetic force, and finally into light. Think of it. These heavy metals, which seem so heavy and solid, are nothing but light atoms vibrating at a certain rate of speed.

We have the testimony, for instance, of Eddington. Eddington says, “Matter is ever becoming energy, and energy resolves into light. However solid it may appear to us,” this physical world, “which operates under the principle of relativity, and duality, is not as real as it appears to be.8” It is not as real as we think. We’ve become attached to it, because we cannot see with that Cosmic Consciousness of God. Otherwise, we wouldn’t see this book as we see it now, but we, through intuition, would see it as the vibrating Light of God. Now don’t think these things are far-fetched. Meditate, and you’ll be able to prove it. But if you don’t meditate, you’ll never know. You have to do your part. The Master used to say, “I can tell you what to do, but you’ve got to do it.” And so, we must do those things.

So science substantiates these things, and also the motion picture aspect. Even heavy metals, as I have told you, under the electron microscope, are seen as what? Vibrating points of light. Think of it, heavy metal. And the latest thing in 1960, is, or perhaps 1959, is, that mind, mind has found, has been found to be fast moving, very fast moving particles of light. Think of it. That’s why, if you can control your mind, you can travel any distance instantaneously. So things are not as they seem to be. These things have been shown scientifically, not just in imagination. And even, not too long ago, light has been taken, it has been synthesized into what? Electromagnetic force and finally into matter. How can you doubt these things? This has been done by Dr. Oldenberg of Harvard, and his subject was, “The Production of Particles from Radiation, Gamma Rays, and Gamma Rays into Positrons.”

So we’re way behind the times fooling around with this outer consciousness. Let us meditate and know, know that this Cosmic Dream is a creation of the Thought of God, and even time and space have been shown to be unreal. There is no time and space. Is there any time and space when you sit in the quiet in meditation? If you haven’t meditated, try it. Time and space evaporates. Even Kant said that quite a few years ago. “Time and space do not exist,” he says, “except as attributes of the mind.9” Let us realize that we are not this body. We are the vibrating Light and Energy and Love of God, which cannot be hurt, cannot be sick or sinful, is ever-existent, always was and will be. That’s what we must know, and we can know it by proving that we can break this Cosmic Dream.

Another reference from the Master’s writing, perhaps at this time, to show these things are so. “The substance of a dream is held in materialization by the subconscious thought of the dreamer. When that cohesive thought is withdrawn in wakefulness, the dream and its elements dissolve. A man closes his eyes and he erects a dream-creation which, on awakening, he effortlessly dematerializes.10” Now you can’t dematerialize God’s Dream, but He can. Just as you dissolve your dream, so God can dissolve this other Dream, but we have to let Him do it. That’s the point. “He follows the divine type, or pattern. Similarly, when He awakens in Cosmic Consciousness He will effortlessly dematerialize the illusions of the Cosmic Dream.” These are our own Master’s words, and he surely had dematerialized this Cosmic Dream, if you will read his poem, “Samadhi,” you’ll understand then. And read it, and read it – meditate and meditate – and one day you will know as he knew, “Gone forever are the fitful flickering’s of mortal memory. Spotless is my mental sky, beneath, in front, and high above. Eternity and I, one united ray. The little bubble…” of ego, so to speak, “has become the Sea of Bliss Itself.11” (Sic)

So these are wonderful things. God would not send to us an agent as our Master unless it could be done by each one of us. In fact, that’s why God sends the sages and the saints, to show us it can be done. What do we do? Nothing – many of us. Why not follow them? It’s not difficult, only we have to follow. That’s all.
Now going on just a little bit about, if we are attached to this Cosmic Dream emotionally, we are in for trouble. You all know that, I’m sure. We are attached emotionally to this Cosmic Dream, and the result is sorrow and trouble. Now our Master used to say this, “Change your attitude toward this Cosmic Dream.” He used to say, “Don’t take life too seriously.” I was very seriously minded and I didn’t like that at first. He says, “Don’t pay too much attention to it. We’re here today and gone tomorrow.”

Just before he passed away he said, “Remember when we first met how wonderful it was, the love which we felt?” I said, “Yes sir.” He says, “Life’s a dream, isn’t it?” I says, “It sure is.” He says, “Where is your father? Where is my father? They’re gone.” I said, “Yes, they are.” “But isn’t that love the same?” I says, “Yes, sir.” He says, “As we started, let us finish.” It was he who gave me a taste of that Cosmic Consciousness of God’s Love, and I never left it. By the Grace of God, somehow I hung on. And you all can do the same thing. “As we started, let us finish,” he said. In that One Love of the Infinite which is none other than Cosmic Consciousness.

And so, he also said this, he said, “Even though this life is a dream, even though we’re here today and gone tomorrow,” he said, “but the candles that you are lighting and burning in your Father’s home will light your path here and hereafter.12” “Your Father’s home” is that home of Light and Energy of Cosmic Consciousness. You may not see that you are lighting them, but every time you meditate and feel the Presence of God and try, you are lighting a candle in that Infinite Home of Light. That’s one of the greatest things he has written to me. And our Father’s home is the Home of Light and Energy beyond time and space in which there is no trouble, no conflict, no sorrow, only God alone, Infinite, Unending. You cannot drain the Great Ocean of Bliss, so to speak, perfect Peace and Joy. That’s where we belong, even while in this existence here. If we cannot prove it while living here, what good is it? What good is yoga, unless by yoga we can prove our immortality? We can do that, and we must do that, and we will do that, because some time God’s gonna to do it for us. But let’s help him out a little bit. Do our part.

And so, that’s what our attitude should be in this Cosmic Dream, is that God is the Doer, and if we could just somehow realize that and know that One Consciousness, we’ll have no more difficulty. We try to do it ourselves. We try to do it. Let us throw the ego out. And we can, because God will never forsake us, if we will just do our part and try. Difficulties come because we do not understand that we are in this Cosmic Dream of God. We do not understand how to break it. But Master came to give us the ways and the means to know that one consciousness from which this Cosmic Dream has come. Knowing it, just as your own dream breaks when you wake up, so this Cosmic Dream will pass away, and there’ll be no more sorrow.

Jesus says that, “My kingdom is not of this world.13” “My kingdom is not of this world.” It is of the Light and Love of God. We must get into that kingdom, somehow. We must somehow break this Cosmic Dream and remember, once more, the unequivocal law that you can break any dream, if you understand and merge in the Consciousness which has produced it. Merge in God’s Consciousness. It’s waiting for us, its there, if we will but try, and try just a little more, and keep at trying.

From our Master’s little book, The Master Said, a reference, at this time to substantiate these things of which I have been speaking: “Life is a great dream of God,” the Master said. ‘If it is only a dream, why is it pain, why is pain so real?’ one of the students inquired.” (Sic) And this is what the Master said, “…A dreamer is not cognizant of the hallucinatory fabric of a dream until he awakens. Similarly a man does not understand the delusory nature of the Cosmic Dream of creation until he awakens in God. 14”

How soon the ordinary dream passes away when you awake in the morning. Just once, taste the Consciousness of God, the Cosmic Consciousness, and this Dream will be just the same. Such is God’s Love for His children. Let us realize our Master’s words. Meditation, meditation is the way; meditation is the way, through Raja Yoga, to first attain the Presence of God. And then by full surrender – that’s the point which is so hard. Why? Because we think we are the doer. We have to break that ego consciousness. First attain the Presence of God, then, by full surrender, when there’s no other consciousness in you, no other vibration of any consciousness except what you truly are, then, you naturally merge in that, through the Grace of God, and become one with Him as the Cosmic Consciousness of God.

These are eternal truths, all the scriptures attest to them. Let us understand them, and remember the cause is ego consciousness; the duality of ego consciousness with its blinding and binding power, and how blinding, and how much it binds us. That’s the cause, but we can break it. Breaking that, we will understand the reality of the One Cosmic Consciousness of which we are a part. We’ll understand God is the Sole Doer. Understanding that, how can the ego exist? It cannot exist. It has no place to go. We understand and realize the one Father.

Master said wond, this wonderful thing which I found in one of his older lectures. He says, “It is our own sense of our own importance…It is our own sense of our own importance, which makes this world seem so real.” Think of it. If you didn’t realize, or think you realize how big you were, and important, you wouldn’t be half so hurt with so many things. But, if you can realize that it is God is the Doer, then you realize you have no importance at all, except as His Consciousness. These are immortal truths, which the Master has given to us.

And remember the Cosmos is a varied expression of the One Power, Light. Light vibrating at different rates of vibration, but guided by Divine Intelligence. That’s the thing. Ordinary light is nothing we want, but when God’s Intelligence is perceived in the action of that light, producing the light and shadows of this Cosmic Dream, that’s what we want to know – that’s what we have to know.

Meditation is the way. Meditation is the way to understand these things, because by meditation you supersede the ordinary, little faculties of ego consciousness, the powers of ego consciousness. You replace those by the unending, immortal power of the Soul, which comes through intuition. It is through intuition that we can break the Cosmic Dream. Not by reason; not by mind, or intellect; no matter, how great it seems; it cannot understand the Cosmic Dream. But intuition can. The pure in heart, the simple, the humble shall know God. Why? Because their intuition is developed. It is not interfered with by this simply, these things of Spirit as ego consciousness. That is what we must understand.

We must, through intuition, know the One Eternal Substance from which all things come. It cannot be known by reason or intellect. It can easily be known by affection and love, as the Intuition of the Soul, its One Supreme Substance.


1 Paramahansa Yogananda Cosmic Chants, Self-Realization Fellowship, “From this Sleep, Lord,” “From this sleep, Lord, will You wake me? From this dream, Lord, will You wake me? In Thee I dive, in Thee I rise, in Thy sea, in Thee: In Thee I’m born, in Thee I die, to live forever in Thee.”

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7 Sir Arthur Eddington, OM, 1884-1944, was one of the most prominent and import astrophysicists of his time. He made several significant contributions to the area of physics. He was one of the first physicists who understood the early ideas of relativity along with Albert Einstein.

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13 St. John 18:36, “Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.”

14 The Master Said, Self-Realization Fellowship, First Edition 1952 (may be downloaded free from the Internet), Page 16, “Life is a great dream of God,” the Master stated to the disciples. One of them inquired, “If it is only a dream, then why is pain so real?” And the Master said, “A dream head struck against a dream wall causes dream pain. A dreamer does not realize the falseness of a dream until he awakens. So the dualities of the Cosmic Dream cannot be known until a man wakes up in God and ceases to dream delusion.”

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