Paramahansa Yogananda on Resurrection and Christ Consciousness

From the April 2010 edition of the Self-Realization Fellowship eNewsletter

Paramahansa Yogananda on Resurrection and Christ Consciousness

Paramahansa Yogananda pranam

Behold thine immortal Self resurrected with Christ in the illuminating Light of Christ Consciousness, present in every soul, every flower, every atom.
Be One With Christ Consciousness

When we open our inner eyes of soul wisdom, we behold the omnipresent Light of God. Within this Light is the consciousness of Christ, the “Son” or pure reflection of God present everywhere in the universe. This Christ Consciousness, the Infinite Christ, is God’s intelligence and love knocking on the closed eyelids of our souls, urging us that all we have to do is look to this Light within and we shall see all ignorance and diversities vanish. To him who has opened his inner eye, everything is One.


Resurrection means that the universal Spirit present in all creation as the Christ Consciousness is constantly being resurrected − awakened or manifested − in everything. Whenever you do away with ignorance and think good thoughts, Christ is being resurrected within you; that is, the Christ Consciousness that was fully manifested in Jesus is awakening within you.
Resurrection is not the power of Spirit in the body of Jesus only; Spirit is in everyone. Nor does man have to die in order to resurrect Spirit. The physical resurrection of Christ was only part of the lesson of his life. Every time you give up a weakness and feel happy in being good, Christ is resurrected anew. You can bring Christ Consciousness within you right now.


Resurrect your calmness from beneath the soil of restlessness; resurrect your wisdom from the enshrouding earthliness of ignorance; resurrect your love from beneath the sod of mundane human attachment − with its limited love for family, society, and country − to divine love for all.


To find the real Christ you must expand your consciousness as Jesus did….The physical way of practicing what Christ taught is to behave toward all as the children of your own Father, and the spiritual way is to meditate until you feel the vast joy of God through the Christ Consciousness. Universal brotherhood will not come until, by deepest concentration and devotion, you stand aside from all your restless thoughts and feelings and sit in the temple of your soul, wherein the vast joy of God expands and engulfs this world, and you realize there is naught else but That.

The Resurrection of Jesus in Light of Kriya Yoga

We understand resurrection in its true sense when we comprehend the yoga science that clearly defines the underlying principles by which Jesus resurrected his crucified body into the freedom and light of God….
Jesus’ resurrection was little understood, and much disbelieved even though he made himself visible to hundreds of people − not only to his close disciples. In those days they comprehended only that Jesus was dead and then he was alive, but they did not understand the science and art of ascension and resurrection, as is defined in the timeless scriptures of Yoga. No other science has detailed the descent of the individualized consciousness of God as the soul into man and its evolutionary and spiritual ascent back into Spirit. In this modern age, Kriya Yoga has been brought forward after being lost in the dark ages, as a definite method to hasten the spiritual evolution of human consciousness and open the inner cerebrospinal pathway of ascension.

Prayer and Affirmation for Easter Morning

“Heavenly Christ, saturate our consciousness with Thy consciousness. Give us a new birth in Thee.”

Affirm and feel:


“Heavenly Father, awaken me in Christ Consciousness.

Christ and I are one.
Joy and I are one.
Peace and I are one.
Wisdom and I are one.                        
Love and I are one.
Bliss and I are one.
Christ and I are one. Christ and I are one. Christ and I are one.”

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One navigates life's journey with the compass given. With blessings our instrument is true. Never Forget Remember the One The Way of Love Our Life, Our All This I believe is the journey we share so let us gladly walk together. As a child guided by my heart~ calling to mountains & sky, As a teen my heart called for freedom, As a young man; Blessed by the mystic yogi, One who may lead those seeking to make their way, by the rainbow light of the ever new Aeon.
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