Awaken Now your own "Rosemont Way"

The PAth

Explore  Inner Paths of Timeless Wisdom

Awaken to the Ever New within & around us

Inspired by all who are “Travelers on a Spiritual Journey” I feel obliged to offer here, as best I can, two basic, I dare say essential points; able to enliven and inform our Universal Sacred Paths of Awakening. Not paths to awakening, but “Paths of Awakening” ever expanding wakeful awareness  informing every moment. With this aim in mind may I suggest that what I’ve come to call “A Rosemont Way”; includes any way which points toward “Our Essential Universal Awakening”; meaning that which is the very heart of every awakening tradition. A path first and foremost intended to evoke direct experience, in the lives of psychologically mature individuals who are self-enabled to embrace and embody a progressive vision of True Universal Fellowship; the ideal of every seer, saint, prophet, master, guru tulku or avatar. I dare say a tainted religious view would to one that mainly seeks to appear greater, by making others seem lesser; exploiting difference rather than nurturing agreements.

Though founded on Ageless Wisdom, A Rosemont Way may be somewhat unique in that a seeker, explorer may feel neither encouraged; nor discouraged from; embracing a particular style or school of spiritual belief. One might say New Age suggesting a universal theosophy without a burden of history, but ever new, transformative. So A Rosemont Way is meant to suggest and embody the awakened process revealing universal realities at the heart of the “ever present, eternal timeless moment”. Not like a process of critical analysis alone, but a creative, experiential awakening to universal wholeness. An ideal; focused not on problems and differences, but rather encouraging focus on a way of seeing, which opens the door to liberating reconciliation of body/mind, soul & spirit. A worthy goal of all true spiritual seekers & traditions. A Rosemont Way would quite naturally recognize real mystics and spiritual adepts as the only true authorities with regard to all things spiritual. Letting their lives and teaching guide the way to “A Heart Sanctuary for a New Aeon”. An ever new, timeless awakening .

And then Awakening, beyond belief; to embrace the intuitive wisdom of pure hearts, you may find “Integral Living” Is a Universal Way We can Journey Together. So One may come to a place, where we have no choice, but to promote cherished ideals held supreme; living each day with heart filled Universal Fellowship.

Our journey is coming home,
Our way awakening.
fulfilled in sharing.

Let’s make it clear A Rosemont Way in not a new idea; it’s basis is ageless wisdom. It’s cloak is a healing oneness; not a judgmental separation.
Ageless Wisdom refers to that which is true without beginning or end.
As neophytes we may struggle putting the horse before the cart; being unclear what comes first. Surely our way must be known, or the journey’s end may be lost.

Why do some religions try; out of the goodness of their hearts, to sell their way as the only way? Awake we feel this needs to be clear; A Universal Way means that each individual journey is unique & valid for the soul’s evolution. We each have our way. Each one stands in its own place in time & space; each & every life is for an individual’s striving to awaken fully to the one unifying wholeness.

Sure there are helpful maps & guides for all we do, but in the end our divine nature blossoms from deep within our own soulful experience; grounded in our very own universal nature; awakening in us as though it arises anew. The guiding principles of all religion come from universal ageless truths; In darkness of the mind it gets twisted by greed, conflict, guilt & oppression.

This only seems the great quandary of existence; how to recognize an omnipresent unity in apparently endless diversity? In seeing beautiful diversity in harmony we may attain peace & understanding. So our Journey is to demonstrate reconciliation, in universal peace; the way we must be each moment is ever wakeful to the truth of oneness, which can enable & glorify our success in ennobled universal fellowship with every act & intention.

The way to One I call “A Rosemont Way”& ageless wisdom is the horse
The journey “A Rosemont Journey” ~ that is the path
And the Cart is “A Rosemont Fellowship” which enables our aspirations
And the Goal, our home, is “A Rosemont Heart Sanctuary” ~
A Temple of Universal Fellowship ~ embracing no opposition.

Embracing Oneness it simply becomes clear.

Our Rosemont Journeywild rose
Of Bright Awakening

If the Universal purpose of one’s life is to seek fulfillment
Then one must ask, “What is the prize?”
Is our goal to obtain a deep palpable understanding
of our truth and purpose?
Is our desire to be awake to our divine essence,
born of Love and Wisdom?

By whatever motivation, in pursuit of life’s purpose,
A true seeker is engaged in “a Journey of Awakening”.

The Awakened One’s are all Revivalists,
Encouraging sincere seekers, their chelas,
To explore the Universal Path of Ageless Wisdom.
Yet the Awakened One’s create no religion.
Living Truth, they are ever awake to one divine eternal presence.

Here is the path of Ageless Wisdom;
In this moment Awaken Thee!
Breath, feel and see the Universal Presence
of eternal, hallowed, ineffable,
peace and joy.
Understand its true nature, Awakens Thee.
Now, Awaken Me.
This is a Universal Illumined Path of Ageless Wisdom.
Embracing this Path, I am all, for thee!

“A Rosemont Reunion ~ A Universal Fellowship Community Network”

On an Explorers Journey Awakening there comes a time when perhaps vast seas, mountains or plains may stand before us.Then what can one do all alone? Humankind’s survival has always depended upon fellowship, family or community. Our survival and advancement is always greatly aided when sharing common aims and means. Even today we may find progressive companies who recognize the mutual benefits of serving the well being of customers, clients and employees alike. There are certainly no rational barriers to the creation of progressive supportive collaborative intentional universalist communities; rather there are so many, both tangible and intangible supportive reasons, to favor such incorporation. The first justification being a greater direct influence and control over one’s quality of life; one living and working environment; which should offer the ability to establish a holistic lifestyle; which one more directly establishes, influences and controls. 2ndly is the transformation of one’s relationships from those which are quite impersonal to closer personal relationships with shared interests values and experiences. These transformations offer a more connected fulfilling life shared with more like minded associates along with great social influence and security. Think of having your needs provided for almost exclusively by individuals known to you on a first name basis.

While even a small group of collaborators can achieve impressive results, like a small company. In order to better achieve assure & secure such invaluable lifestyle transformations a certain order of magnitude would be required. So while there may be some optimum orders of magnitude which can be recognized as a sweet spot; this spot might vary considerably depending on the objectives of all participants. One idea perhaps worth considering, in order to maximize results and their success, might be to create a  network of various intentional communities perhaps international, by which members could take time to explore different environments.

Community to me means something very tangible and comprehensive, like a seed planted in fertile ground properly tended naturally flowering and bearing fruit; shallow to describe, but sweet to smell & taste. It is the true brave heart that both seeks and encourages sharing; hopes, dreams and aspirations in this regard; and so establishes a love of service to all true hearts most dear. Such hopes and dreams here hinted at with intentions to collaborate in manifesting such a network, path, plan in order to embody the direct experience of our shared & wholly divine presence .

May we all encourage & seek support for fellowship activities leading to community; by way of~

  • 1-Networking
  • 2-Dialog,
  • 3-Meetings,
  • 4-leading to workshops,
  • 5-planning groups,
  • 6-resources,
  • 7-community building,
  • 8-organizational development

These are some of the ways we can begin manifesting in our lives the divine nature of “A Universal Way, Awakening”. Such activities can lead to the creation of a well-rounded, diverse, inspired community of truth seekers, creating opportunities for each other to express each ones very own inner truth and beauty.

So “2 related Ideals”

      1. Transforming our state of awareness, our world view, our “Self” image
      2. Establishing Fellowship and Community as a vessel, for our shared “Self Realization” and well being.

I hope you will embrace ways which enable your life to nurture the embodiment of your highest ideals

Namaste’ with love, light & fellowship in the One & All.

Furthermore ~ Some Ways to Rosemont Journey , Ananda Bijam Yoga


About Beema Noel

One navigates life's journey with the compass given. With blessings our instrument is true. Never Forget Remember the One The Way of Love Our Life, Our All This I believe is the journey we share so let us gladly walk together. As a child guided by my heart~ calling to mountains & sky, As a teen my heart called for freedom, As a young man; Blessed by the mystic yogi, One who may lead those seeking to make their way, by the rainbow light of the ever new Aeon.
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One Response to Awaken Now your own "Rosemont Way"

  1. Beema Noel says:

    Head & Heart In Support of Universal Holistic Spiritual Community
    At the heart of the matter life it seems is an exploration of consciousness. This is what determines the nature and quality of all we believe in; and therefore all we seek, all we value and all we demonstrate. Our dreams and aspirations should not be apart from our actions and commitments. So in seeking happiness we strive to align our actions with our ideals.
    Because the thinker in us should also be the doer, though it is not always so; which leads to unhappiness. Can we say if we identify as souls with bodies we are rightly aligned; But if bodies with souls we are misaligned? This is so because soul is the parent of heart and mind, while body is the instrument of expression. This being the case a materialistic world view alone is not aligned with reality. Therefore a view guided by wisdom will enlist the physical to serve intelligence to act wisely. The improper alignment of body mind and soul is always what blinds us to our happiness and leads us in the wrong direction. I am making this point in an effort to point out and support the importance of right thinking and acting as the wisest way to happiness.
    However it’s not within our power or domain to change the world overnight, so to speak. But we can change our own way of thinking and doing. And it is in this regard that I always comeback to the value importance and magic of true spiritual ideals and true fellowship, which builds community. First building community begins with shared ideals and practical agreements. This establishes direction on solid ground. Second is to explore and agree on ways to ascend to a higher view. That is a path to journey though life, in new ways which are holistic, sustainable and most enriching. Finally is to live in a new way which embraces and expresses the unity of all life; fully with love and respect for all.
    So as it is you & I can try to live our ideals separately, but until we come together like little sparks igniting many, we will not greatly influence the change we see in the years ahead. Others perhaps wiser or not! will direct the way.


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