*A Rosemont Way

A Rosemont Way

If one ignites a flame in a cave,
darkened for eons of time,
the darkness flees.

Recognizing this eternal truth,
every moment, abandon conflict;
it’s causes and support.


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I hope everything here calls to your open heart.
Embracing one inner personal mystic way.
In the belief our most blessed love can flowers in universal fellowship and spiritual community.


Ever attentive to the Radiant Heart of Goodness
From which spring my Guide, Teaching, & Fellowship;
I find one essence awakening before me, all around & within
Now I see love illuminating all, always.
Luminous love is radiant everywhere, for all to know & to be.
This is the healing prayer of this sacred moment.

Open to the wonders all around and within us;
gazing upon the mysteries in the sky,
we face a mystic presence,
centered everywhere, circumferenced nowhere.
Thus embracing our own universal journey of ageless wisdom we awaken.

When hearts align that’s quite enough,
to lend support & sincere best wishes,
for divine guidance all your days.
True as every heart beat!
– Bhima Noel


A Rosemont Way: The Way of the Mystic’s Journey Exploring

Here is the path;
Imagine you are walking alone in nature
during the peak of springtime, on a beautiful high mountain trail.

 You see off to one side through the trees a broad vista of the valley below.
Just ahead you notice a small side trail heading that way;
Should you take it? Why not? Your going it’s way.

Very shortly you move through the trees, and break into an opening
overlooking the vast expanse of a high mountain valley
maybe a thousand feet below.

There the wind whispers in your ear stay awhile.
So you find a seat and listen to the quiet wind come from afar.
Wind and tiny birds are the only sounds you hear in timeless expansive peace.

After awhile so content, with quiet expansive mind filling space,
you have noticed before you, a single wild rose swaying in the breeze.
It seems a lovely joyful dance to you;
so lovely your heart swells with the immensity of this grand scene
and little rose; such beauty all.

What strikes most deeply is this gift;
if you had gone another way, this moment would never be.
Perhaps no eyes would fall upon this rose to acknowledge its loveliness.
And the rose doesn’t seem to care, it may return again and again,
hoping to catch the eye of God.

And today in this timeless sacred moment you, the rose, the valley, the mountain
are all vessels for divine mind, so fully present in this moment here;
as it always is, potentially in every single moment, in every single place.

wild rose

A Rosemont Fellowship is intended to promote the formation of a “New Age Universal Fellowship” which draws it’s inspiration from living inner mystic sources; remaining like a river which is ageless yet ever new. Such “New Age Universal Fellowships” need not embrace any particular religious tradition, and wouldn’t reject any truly universal expression of wholeness either.

The Great Yogi Milarepa was said to say;
“All the water and drink you’ve consumed
Through beginningless time until now
Has failed to slake thirst or bring you contentment.
Drink therefore the stream of enlightenment mind,
fortunate ones.”

“A Universal Heart Sanctuary for a new Aeon”

Now, I believe the door to awakening is a fearless, open heart.
Thus I’m dedicated to “A Rosemont Way”, to a heart sanctuary for awakening.

Since school days I’ve navigated life’s journey with the compass I’ve been given.
The compass I found is guided by a universal new age yoga;
which offers both guidance and therapeutic relief for life’s trials.

I am happy to share this yoga; this healing way of the mystics, with all who are able to receive; Seeking what truly matters.

Life it seems is a journey of awakening; to the “one” source of all love & wisdom;
By seeking the universal essence of all that is good,  all the rest is the shadow of essence.

If you believe life is an adventure in awakening to one’s true nature;
And the door to awakening is a fearless, open heart.
Then be dedicated to the heart path of the awakened mystics.

Being a New Age Universalist strive to live in the present,
With feet on the ground & a heart filled with caring.
The heart blossoms sweet as a rose,when the clouds of judgment disappear.

Embracing the Vision of
A Rosemont Journey

A Rosemont Journey is an inner adventure, exploring Universal paths of Ageless Wisdom; which lead to awakening, and to the illumination of a temple, or sanctuary within the very heart of your conscious being. In that temple; awakening to dawning light; you establish an alter of love and truth; thus enabling you to worship eternal oneness through each of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Some may call the mystic way something like “An Illuminist Path of Awakening”, for it is the way of light. It is the Tradition of Sacred Science, expressions of  Universal Ageless Wisdom, Ever New. For example one great Universalist of modern time whom I admire; Sri Paramahansa Yogananda titled his first book the Science of Religion, in which is described a Universalist path. His own guru, Sri Yukteshwar titled his great work the Holy Science. Sri Aurobindo titled one of his works The Life Divine. Teilhard de Chardin wrote of The Divine Milieu. One of Krishnamurt’s great works is title The Awakening of Intelligence; to name but a few, modernist of the ageless path of awakening.

Great Traditions, names and paths are many, but ultimately all Universal Paths are striving to restore our awareness of the nature of Truth, which is our essential divine nature, universal conscious bliss, which resides centered everywhere, yet is unbound. A path which is creative and applicable in all cultural settings, one which is not restricted by the divisions of dogma, has the markings of a Universalist path; a path which may lead to world peace.

This has always been the great need of mankind. Only this question remains; how and when may we achieve it? This is a question A Rosemont Journey must explore. And the answer will be manifest, when we illuminate A Universal Sanctuary for a New Aeon in our Awakened Heart.

Journey to a Brighter Tomorrow

Here’s your invitation to 

Explore the Universal Path of Ageless Wisdom

Leading to the Illumination of a Heart Sanctuary of a New Aeon


If the Universal purpose of one’s life is to seek fulfillment 

Then one must ask, “What is the prize?”
Is our goal to obtain a deep palpable embodiment

of our truth and purpose?
Is our desire to taste our divine essence,

born of Love and Wisdom?
By aligning motives, in pursuit of life’s purpose,
A true seeker is engaged in “a Journey of Awakening”. 


The Awakened One’s are all Revivalists, 

Encouraging sincere seekers; their beloved chelas,   

To explore the Universal Path of Ageless Wisdom. 


Yet the Awakened One’s create no religion. 

Their way of being is “the Way of no way”

Living Truth, they are ever awake to one divine eternal presence.


Here is the path of Ageless Wisdom; 

In this moment Awaken Thee!
Breath, feel and see the Universal Presence 

of eternal, hallowed, ineffable,
peace and joy.
Only to Be, your true nature, Awakens Thee.

Now, Awaken Me.

This is the Universal Illuminist Path of Ageless Wisdom.

One Embracing this Path, is all, for thee!


A Rosemont Universal Fellowship

A Universalist may be a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, or none of these. A Universalist may in practice embrace a particular faith, or by honoring the one in all may explore one’s deeply personal “Rosemont path”; which means to stand in the presence of oneness in the eternal moment…

A Universalist in each moment honors the oneness of all creation. A heart such as this will recognize that a robe of glory enwraps and sanctifies like a rose, all sincere hearts; thus a Universalist honors all paths leading toward the one; the good and beautiful which always remains though the blossom fades. 

There are many ecumenical movements, whose endeavors are to be admired. All loving heart may Journey on a Rosemont way; but embracing any or all of the various religions is not the essential intent of A Rosemont Journey. A Rosemont Journey is the full and loving embrace of openhearted souls seeking to serve the one in all. Celebrating an end of judgment and displaying a personal culture of Universal Fellowship.

A Rosemont Journey is an expression of Universal love more akin to the way of awakened sages and mystics. The Universal Path is found in the essential teachings of all Mystics, Gnostics & Yogis. 

A Rosemont explorer finds one sweetness in all awakened paths; whether Christian mystic, Ishraqi Sufism, Kashmiri Shaivite, Raja Yogi, Dhyana Buddhist or some other high way. A Rosemont explorer surely respects the kernel, but worships only its everlasting sweetness. We could say A Rosemont Way is the way of no one way.

  • “The Way” is a way of presence in the moment; a way of being, more than becoming.
  • “The Journey” is well guided by leaning back on the guides of the mystic lineages of all traditions; the way of awakened seers, saints & sages.
  • “The Fellowship” is the community which supports the way which enables the journey.
  • “The Heart Sanctuary” is the fulfillment of the communion in the temple of a New Aeon.

If the concept of A Rosemont Heart Sanctuary for a New Aeon, A New Age Universal path, of inner presence in the eternal moment, resonates in harmony with the true desire of your own heart; for your own sake and the sake of this New Aeon, reach out with your mind your heart and hands in service to your brothers and sisters in spirit, who truly are the children of this New Aeon. Only together can we fully manifest the ideal of our spiritual fulfillment. In order to manifest the spiritual intent of a Rosemont Heart Sanctuary for a New Aeon, God willing,  may you feel encouraged to nurture activities which support this way of being in all that you do; and to be with others who live to journey this way.


This is your invitation to 

Explore the Universal Path of Ageless Wisdom

Leading to the Illumination of a Heart Sanctuary of a New Aeon

Journey on and share the bloom of your Heart Sanctuary



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  1. What a magnificent site and resource. Thank you for all that you offer,
    Linda Willows

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  2. Dilip says:

    Beautiful thoughts. Thank you.


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