Rosemont Intro. ~ Ageless Wisdom is Ever New

Turning Toward The One
A More Meaningful Life
Enter The Garden of A New Aeon

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The Seekers Way; Universal Spiritual Aspiration.

A Way Of Living Ageless Wisdom

“This” I Call A Rosemont Way;
A Way To Discover An Ageless Wisdom Path,
To Our Universal Heart Sanctuary

Ageless wisdom refers to that which is without beginning or end. One could say eternal wisdom, which means the truth, reality; but “Ageless” fits better, for expressing a sense of what is every living, ever present; the timeless moment of now. The fullness of “the presence of illumined awareness”; that is Ageless Wisdom, ever new.

So too, one could say there are endless or infinite ways of living, embodying that awareness. By the same token one could say there is only one way. But to just say “that, one way” without understanding is the devils trap. Here the “devil’s trap” refers to confusion, a lack of perception or understanding, coupled with a selfish corruption of the ego.

What then is “the one universal way of living; embodying, Ageless Wisdom”? It is the application of illumined self awareness and the ability to apply that selfless awareness to all situations, in all relationships. This way is so universal and essential; it came to be called religion; and the corruption of understanding “that” is indeed the devil’s trap.

Despite our best fanciful dreams, the first detour from the illumined way is “the degradation of the path” because the coordinates of the destination become corrupt, due to distractions and forgetfulness. That’s how one and all become lost; Lost anywhere; in a city, a jungle, woods, or wilderness. Exploration is done best; either alone, or in a focused group of explorers, but never in a habituated rowdy crowd.

Our modern narcissistic materialistic society has erected and maintains many blinds and detours to drive us from the path of our awakening. We each can help ourselves best, by helping others to see the truly beautiful path less traveled. It is our path illuminated, the by-way of our mutual and universal well-being. That is an ideal clear without a doubt. But devils are in the details and the details must reflect sound foundational principles grounded in universal truths.

Universal principles can not be separatist in any way. There is not any one outer way which can be “the way” the universal way is an inner way; it is a way of no one way. We all proceed from were we are, so our way is our own, our assurance comes when we find ourselves rightly aligned with others; In which case we must have some measure of angles, shading and degrees in order to confirm that we on still on a path which leads to our destination, the continually elevated point of our true perception. That point wherever we find it is a temple for our devotion, that is the precious temple of our heart; A temple of a new Aeon; our awakened being, a sanctuary of Ageless Wisdom which is within us.

“This” I call a Rosemont Way;
A way to discover an ageless wisdom path,
to our universal heart sanctuary
It is a deeply honest meditative way of Being and doing
I believe with “A Foundation of Universal Fellowship”
Intentional Spiritual Community is truly A Fruitful Garden.

The Way is Ageless Wisdom which has awakened souls throughout the Ages.
Fellowship has become usurped by the impersonal life of today’s corporate state. True social security is something we can only offer each other through our trustworthiness & mutual respect.

The Path –

A Rosemont Way – Awakening Universal Oneness
The way is a recognition that all spiritual seekers are on a personal journey of awakening to the essential goodness of being.

The Foundation –

A Rosemont Journey – The Path we all share when we are Living High Ideals; With respect & in response to that awakening recognition, true seekers aspire to relate in ways which honor that shared nature of goodness. Our shared journey of discovery is most wisely guided by those great souls who have succeeded and gone on ahead;leaving us with true guidance and counsel for the way.

The Means –

A Rosemont Fellowship & Spiritual Community ~establishing social security, by building intentional community. Creation comes to be recognized as a vessel sanctifying the blessed relationship between spirit & form. The inspiration & aspiration of goodness is only fruitful when truly blossoming forth for all to see & celebrate.

The Heart of a Rosemont Way

A Rosemont Way is meant to suggest that each individual journey is unique & essential for our soul’s evolution. As we wake there is a feeling of our need to be clear. We each have our way. Each one stands in its own place in time & space; each & every life is an individual striving to awaken as one. Perhaps this seems obvious to some. Then why are all religions trying, out of the goodness of their hearts, to sell their way as the only way to be? Sure there are helpful maps & guides for all we do, but in the end our divine nature must arise from deep within our very soul.; it must be grounded in our very nature; As though we are “born anew” each day, each moment. The guiding principles of all religion come from these truths; then why does it get twisted into conflict, struggle, guilt & oppression? It seems the great quandary of existence; how to recognize unity in apparently endless diversity; yet we must, if we are to attain peace & understanding. How beautiful diversity is in harmony; like a garden of delight. This is what is meant to be the heavenly way.

A Rosemont Way is a unique universal yoga practice in that you are encouraged to make it your very own; which means that while the ground of principle leads aspirants to the heights, ones seed inspiration must be cultivate within our own direct experience of every moment. A Rosemont Way is like the direct yogic way of the ageless wisdom’s mystic seers. You are meant to be like that; awakened from within not by struggling to apply external forms alone, but by the deep inner surrender of your hearts knowing. This doesn’t mean forms are useless but they cannot be your attire, your costume; your practice must be like your skin, part of your very own living feeling; feeling that arises within you. True yoga is not put on you like fancy dress which makes you pretty; but only lightly touches you when you try it on. Outer beauty, or achievements may make you proud and leave you deluded, while deep personal yogic surrender, leaves you humbly awakened and aligned with your good…

You can arranged gathering to explore holistic, uniting aspirations, and more.


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