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Awakening; The Key to Cultural Restoration

Watching a popular video of Ian Lungold; who was well known for interpreting the Mayan Calendar; I was struck by something he said, which rang true to me. At one point he asked; “Do you know why Neanderthals went extinct?” He answered; “He never changed. He couldn’t imagine a future, so he didn’t have one”.

I recently mentioned to a friend that since 1974, I’ve consciously recognized the importance of community as a means of supporting the development of a holistic lifestyle. My friend commented; “that was big back then, but people aren’t thinking that way today”. Well I thought to myself, clearly those aren’t the people I’m looking for. I’m not talking about some sort of pop culture. I’m not talking about a fad. I’m looking for individuals capable of embodying the very life blood of wholeness. The awakening of universal fellowship, which arises from awakening universal consciousness, is the primary ingredient essential to the very survival of humanity.

There is fullness to this universe we see, fullness and emptiness as well. By that I mean nothing is missing. There is no judgment made; nothing is excluded. Creation & destruction, beauty & disgust just are; there is no heart & conscience to science, only law; cause & effect. The only saving grace is that there is always something more, something transcendental. That something is consciousness, not just awareness but wisdom, knowingness; this is transcendental consciousness. It is pure intelligence; holy science. The intelligence we know is not that, because our intelligence is conditioned intelligence.

Our choices, our perception and judgments are highly conditioned, because we don’t see all there is, so we don’t see as it is. We are conditioned by our limited faculties, which condition our mind, our feelings respond and we are then bound by our limitations & conditioning. This is something Plato describes in the Myth of the Cave. So as a result we are bound not free. This then is our task, our obligation here; to become free of our conditioning. Only then can we make proper judgments about life and reality. And that is our purpose to make wise judgments every moment. Only consciousness makes judgments; that is why humans came to believe in God or gods.

We see in nature, no judgments are made; creation destruction it’s all the same in nature, only cause and effect have meaning, not good and evil. That meaning is our judgment to make, and our responsibility is to make it right. That is the function of pure consciousness which we call god, and we seek to align ourselves with that, but we are deluded by our conditioning. Our purpose then; and our responsibility is to awaken to a higher consciousness; one that is free not deluded by conditioning. Awakening is recognizing a purity of consciousness that is capable of wise judgment. Because of our conditioning we become either pleased or displeased by our attachments; or we become selfish or coldhearted by our detachments. Either way our judgment is deluded, tainted by our conditioning and therefore always improper.

Purity of consciousness is not some sort of eternally imposed morality code; rather it is an awakening, or liberation from the delusions of our conditioning. Therefore our responsibility is to become free of our conditioned judgments, which arise from our selfishness, which is a product of our fears and our sense of vulnerability because of the delusion of our lonely separate identity within our own very personal form & ego’ our wounds and our desires.

So then how do we awaken our consciousness to one that is free of conditioning? First we must be aware of our conditioning and admit to it. How do we become aware of conditioning? By suffering; when we make wrong judgments we suffer; and so long as we are deluded by conditioning we continue to suffer. If we are stubborn in our self righteousness we may share our suffering with others; hoping that may relieve our own suffering. We may try countless means of relieving our suffering, but really there is only one way to relieve suffering.

The only way to relieve suffering is to actually discover the root of its cause. The root cause of suffering is our conditioned deluded perception. Therefore we must become free of our misperceptions; there is no other way to awaken the true wisdom of our intelligence. How then do we become free of our delusions? We become free by letting go of our attachments to our scheme and strategy for obtaining happiness, because it is based on delusional thinking which can never succeed. We must recognize all the things; ideas, feelings, the tensions, we are often subconsciously holding onto.

This release is most effective when it is voluntary. Otherwise it may be forced upon us by the laws of nature; which is our trial by fire. This law of nature gave rise to the notion of hell. Our training and testing by the laws of nature may by liberating or it may be hell. The thing to realize is that the chains of our conditioning by which we seem bound, are in fact only delusions which we are holding onto. This realization and letting go is known as the purification of our consciousness, which awakens us from our delusions; the initial cause of suffering. This purification is also known as the neutralization of our karma, which is another way of describing our liberation from confusion, our delusion.

So how do we attain this awakened state? We attain this awakened state by wisdom, by right perception; by letting go of our attachments to misperceptions. There are ways and means of recognizing this awakened state. These are not fixed dogmas, but liberated souls having had success with various attitudes or approaches, so they have offered and suggested means throughout the ages. These practices are known, as something meaning yogas or meditations; the attitudes are know as religion, or gnosis, is its true pure state.

One such attitude and practice I would like to suggest is a yoga meditation with visualization, pranayama and mantram. Having practiced yoga asana extensively since 1972 I have only recently admitted to myself that using a broad strap; at least 2 inches wide, looped around the knees to the lower back, is one of the most powerful aids to deepening meditation. Such a strap is easily obtained at most hardware stores; baring that, you can bolster your back with a towel against the back of a chair or wall.

Sit with your back straight. Observe your body tension, and let go, by shaking you limbs and spine as you breathe deeply, feeling ease come over your nervous system and mind, smiling gently. Turn your attention to look within, drawing the eyes slightly upward as though looking inside to the frontal lobe of the brain, as again you breathe in. Relaxing the diaphragm, sink to the pit of the stomach with each exhalation. Repeat until you feel most centered within. Seeing a bright light in the brain and imagining that light spreading though the spine or we could say all the chakras.

Now then, focusing more on visualization; with your attention at the point between the eyebrows; repeat Om 3 times, long and deep, coordinated with your exhalation. Now see your brain as though it is crystal clear, perhaps first like a Crystal Skull, or perfect diamond, then pure consciousness like a cloudless blue sky illumined by the sun above. You may imagine you are seated on earth. Your seat is earth. Between Sky and earth there is a pure stream; flowing down like water as you exhale, flowing up like light energy as you inhale. As you continue you may see that light stream flowing up through your spine reflected like a rainbow of very pure colors, from your crystal clear mind illumined by the sun, flowing through you heart & your entire nervous system and your consciousness in every cell.

If thoughts arise see them as wispy or puffy clouds floating across your mind, noticed but not disturbing the crystal clear sky of your pure mind. Recognize that these aspects of your consciousness are always there together, sometimes more cloudy other times more clear; and yet always beyond that sky is infinite space which is like the pure nature of eternal consciousness, not separate from the sky, clouds, earth or stream. All this is your true and perfect nature, just like the universe, you are a vessel and vehicle for the pure conscious energy of divine presence. This knowingness is not only your right it is you duty, your fulfillment.


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