Rosemont Journey

In seeking understanding
& answers in our life;
I’m convinced we must first
embrace the right questions;
Or more importantly,
the right approach
to our way of asking.

For wisdom & happiness
always seek
a constructive response.
Then undoing happens naturally,
like a clear sky, by letting go.

In all situations,
receptivity will suggest;
“Perhaps there’s another way
of looking at this”.

With right intent we can ask any important question.
Each & every moment we are seeking to know what can I do?
When we are sincere & honest the best answers will come.

Some would like to say our doing is the problem.
Yet we are never without it; for even our not doing is also doing.
Our knowing or not knowing is also part of our doing.
With appreciation, seeking understanding each moment,
Right feeling, kindness & acceptance; is always the answer.

We are asking every moment; what can I do?
Seeing trees & sky; ask what can I do?
Hearing birds; ask what can I do?
Seeking & finding the beloved; ask what can I do?
Just feel each moment with every cell in your body.
Know this is what we can do right now; just be awake.

As we are on our way, looking to be awake,
we can realize that we are well guided by the great explorers who have come before us;
the great seers & knowers, mystics of all great esoteric traditions.
These great ones have cut the path for us to explore,
we ourselves must journey that path in the deep inspired way that arises,
like rainbow blessings, within the temple of our heart & consciousness.


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