At the central axis of our existence on this earth plane, there is the most important mountain we may know; the Hindu’s call it Mount Meru, Some Sufi’s have called it Kaf Mountain. It is the axis mundi of all life.

It is the abode of God’s person. We live all our lives upon this mountain, yet it remains very much a mystery to us. The mountain is most ancient, yet we know but little of how it came to be as it is today and of what we know we are unsure.

Many who live on this mountain, forage only small areas, thinking little of what lies beyond their known parameters. Groups form dusty little villages of markets and homes spending their lives with their eyes fixed mainly on their world.

Occasionally some are born with hearts full of curiosity. They look to the mountaintop in wonderment. Some go of to explore the mysteries of the mountain seldom to return. Those who do return are generally thought to be insane. They often speak in ways and of things, the other cannot understand. They usually agitate the masses, often they slain for their heresy.

These crazy ones speak of impossible things. They say there are countless other residents upon the mountain whose appearances and way of life are equally varied. Some, they say, live high on the mountain overlooking all, while maintaining streams and stabilizing rocky slopes.

These Guardians live countless eons in self-created paradise. They even dare to say they speak with God and God speaks to them. Most dangerously of all, they say anyone can live this way if they are willing to give up the village life, the only life well known!

In this they reveal their lie and evil intent, to destroy the security of life. Our way of life though short and painful is at least well known. Few will follow these crazy ones, for the mountain trails are said to be steep and dangerous. There are many wild beasts and thorny bushes which bar the way. Little is familiar.

The crazy ones take comfort in such simple things as trees and the occasional blossom of a rose. This is the difference between normal people and the crazy ones; normal people have the good sense to fear what is unknown, while the crazy ones take comfort in what they call the blessings of the unexpected, like the occasional fragrant blossom of a rose upon the mysterious mountain of life. “Along the quiet paths of life you may come upon a sweet rose, what greater gift could you share?”




From the emerald tablets of Hermes; a foundational precept embraced by all mystics, and well known to students of adept teachings states “as above, so below”. Following the tradition that the material reflects the spiritual this precept also implies to me that a law or principle, displayed by the macrocosmic universe, is also reflected in the microcosm of our personal consciousness. For example in the east the mysteries of our personal consciousness are symbolized as residing in the hidden abode of our divine nature, the temple of our heart. So in India, Mount Meru symbolizes the abode of God.

In our bodies Mount Meru is represented by the spinal column; which is the central axis of the body and the temple of our life force. On a cosmic universal level, the divine consciousness underlying all life is seen as the abode of God and is symbolized as a temple, hidden at the pivotal center of our known world. It has been said that, “divine consciousness is centered everywhere circumferenced nowhere”.

A Rosemont, “A mountain for the rose”, symbolizes the mysterious regions of our consciousness; where we deal with the thoughts and feelings of every moment in our lives. This is the territory for our own spiritual journey.

The crazy ones are the mystics and prophets of all ages who see reality differently then those who see only the worlds limiting realities of time and space. The rose, in western tradition, has been used as an equivalent to the lotus in the eastern tradition. The lotus in eastern tradition is symbolic of spiritual realization. The rose can be thought of as the gifts of spiritual awareness. Greek mythology uses the rose as the secret of love and certainly its fragrance shares that secret. The first rose was said to have come from a tear of Mohammed. I suspect it was a tear of love.

Mount Meru is said to be the abode of God. As the central axis of life, psychically it represents the astral spine, which is a tier of centers of consciousness. Kaf Mountain is a land of spiritual mystery to Sufis. It is said to be the home of Genii’s. Henry Corbin speaks of the northern orientation in The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism. The earth pole fixed on the pole star is representative of the spiritual seeker remaining focused on the spiritual pole star, God.

These are all representations of the soul’s eternal relationship revolving around the divine. This relationship reveals the mystical importance of the mystery of love between God and the devotee. Wisdom’s work in your heart is to establish justice in place of injustice. Ideas and precepts are herein presented for your consideration. Your response to the ideas presented, becomes an integral part of the study. You are therefore encouraged, from this point on your journey, to develop your own wealth of wisdom, in regard to the subjects, which most interest you.

A major part of your work will be to clarify your perception of and your expression of, the way by which you understand mystical precepts. Life’s work is to discover how you may apply your understanding, so as to remain consistent in all of your thoughts, words, and actions. The Mystical Path is both universal and individual. Your experience of what is spiritual is always personally, the product of your conceptions about reality.

While all spiritual motives are essentially good, in action they may be double-edged and capable of producing either good or bad results. Until our will is purely aligned in the oneness of God’s will, our actions tend to produce a mixture of both good and bad results. With our limited personal awareness, it is difficult to clearly or completely perceive the actual impact of all our thoughts and actions. Fortunately it is not our place to make this judgment. The most we can expect or demand from ourselves is to honestly perceive the motivation behind our thoughts and actions. This objective of honesty is in itself difficult enough to achieve and only results from purity of heart, which only comes though true selflessness.

Adept Studies

Skillful Means for

A Rosemont Journey

I would like to share the concept of a universal spiritual journey with you; an exploration of ageless wisdom, an inner exploration of the heart and mind; a journey leading to the goal of Self Realization. This awakening to our inner “Self” is indeed the Path of the Mystics. While I shall make every effort to avoid the assumption of dogmatic believes, I shall also attempt to clarify the underlying meaning of certain terminology, which may herein be commonly used. If you feel your own thought structure will not remain consistent when applying these meanings you have basically two or three choices, either define your own meaning for the terminology used, accept the definition as described and evaluate how it may impact your understanding of the Self, or find out how this or similar terminology is used and understood in an established mystical teaching. A major part of your work will be to clarify your perception of and your expression of, the way by which you understand mystical precepts. Life’s work is to discover how you may apply your understanding, so as to remain consistent in all of your thoughts, words, and actions. As stated above this work of establishing an awareness of sacred space in one’s consciousness is intended to be ongoing, therefore it is forever work in progress. The great Master of Yoga P/Y said, to paraphrase, “Spiritual consciousness is unending, ever expanding, divine bliss.”

Wisdom’s work in your heart is to establish justice in place of injustice. Ideas and precepts will herein be presented for your consideration. Your response to the ideas presented, becomes an integral part of the study. You are therefore encouraged, from the beginning of your journey, to develop your own wealth in regard to the subjects, which interest you. If I may interject here a strongly held believe that, if we are to enter a “New Age” of understanding, we must learn to do so, on an individual basis. Meaning we must begin to take responsibility for all of our thoughts and our actions.

Have you heard the child’s christian hymn; “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” This idea will not hold up in a New Age, unless we understand a Bible to mean a Scripture of Truth written in our hearts. The guidance of truth must find a place in our hearts if it is to truly hold a living meaning for us. Truth must be self realized, this is our basic premise. The Mystical Journey is both universal and individual. “Your experience of what is spiritual is always, personally the product of your conceptions about reality. However, underlying your conception of what is real; there must be a framework of some ultimate universal reality.

Your creative conception of mystical reality moves you either closer to or farther from the true realization of the indescribable, unlimited, ultimate reality. The Quality of Your personal experience may best be judged by the long term affects which it produces in your life. For example you might consider, does my belief system help me to be focused on the most important goal of my life? Is my most important goal selfish or selfless? Is my belief system materialistic or spiritualistic; if spiritualistic is it consistent? The point here is that it’s not enough just to believe we are mystical beings, we must be vigilant in demonstrating that we are also honest introspective and liberated beings.

In order to achieve these goals I feel it is essential for us to develop tools, which enable us to break though the limiting shell of our mental conceptions. If our limiting mental conceptions are a barrier to our spiritual liberation, then obviously we must develop tools of awareness, which enable us to break though these limitations. In our limited personalized state we are like tiny gosling chicks struggling to free ourselves from the shell of our mental creation. The liberating beak we must develop is our spiritual awareness; more mental creations only harden the shell and restrict our spiritual development. Rosemont Studies must in essence be a Liberating Heart Sanctuary.

A Rosemont Studies must in essence be like a Heart Sanctuary. Criteria I accept as being essential qualities of true mystical teachings are that;

#1 True teachings in some form, are universally experienced and expressed by the true mystics.

#2 These teachings always lead to a well defined understanding, perception and acceptance of all other true mystical teachings, as well as leading to the understanding and solution of the hardships which each one of us commonly meets in our daily lives.

#3 Finally these teachings lead one toward selfless service and toward a spiritual conception, perception, & aspiration in life, which is helpful to all beings.

A Rosemont Way Blossoms

from the Root of Ageless Wisdom

An awareness of history, considered in the context of Ageless Wisdom takes on an entirely different dimension. For that which is ageless is timeless and ever new, thus ever present in the now. If you have ever visited a sacred site, a holy shrine, and are touched by the energy imprinted there, you will feel a conception of timeless awareness.

The ageless presence of sacred energy brings a whole new significance to our awareness of history. When studying the lives of mystics and saints we should do so not just for information about how they thought and lived, but by attuning to the sacred vibration of their soul, their love and wisdom we can receive the blessing of their presence in our lives here and now. A life traveler seeks more than just knowledge of facts and ideas. A true philosopher, a seeker of knowledge, a lover of wisdom, must smell the rose and taste the fruit, not just hear about it.

With this awareness step forward in your own “Rosemont Journey” with a longing to smell and taste the sweetness of ageless truth, which emanates from the awakened souls of universal mystics, saints, sages and avatars. With this longing for direct awareness carry close to your heart the koan, “while all return to the one, where does the one return to?’ and the mantra “Aum, Tat, Sat” as you journey though the following brief selective history of the great spiritual travelers, the masters of ageless wisdom.

Even though, at any one time there are very few truly great souls; I mean great spiritual vessels known to the world. Throughout the ages, many great ones have walked on earth’s paths, many know and many unknown to me. My objective here is not to be in any way comprehensive, but to suggest a certain type of great soul; those known in the east as mahatmas, or Bodhisattvas; or even avatar, which means a divine incarnation. These great ones are always Universalist. The Avatars change the worldview of their time, truly they are revivalist who restore knowledge of ageless wisdom; which has become shrouded by the social conventions and religions of mankind. They can restore an awareness of ageless wisdom because their soul fully embodies eternal truth.

In contemplating the One Koan mentioned above it is quite reasonable to conclude that there is only one emanation of one eternal reality. This being said it is equally reasonable to conclude that, that which is infinite cannot be restricted or contained by any single manifestation or even endless numbers of manifestations. So while there is only one truth, one light; in manifestation there appear to be many and so many as to appear endless and thus infinite as well. Never the less the many are reducible to the one; one that cannot be counted because it’s potential is infinite.

Any one we can count as two, like a coin has two sides. And those two encase a hidden third, infinite potential that expands to infinity. Thus while there maybe one manifestation, by it’s nature it is a polarity, such as time and space are two in one and in that polarity is an infinite potential a seed of live, the mysterious ever youthful prodigy. This is the heart of the sacred, the hermetic, and the yogic mystery.

This consideration leads to the understanding that while there is one spirit manifest its seed is infinite and omnipresent in all life. Thus while there is one spiritual “son” of G-d, we may all potential awaken to the reality of that one reality; at our core our spiritual father/mother, thus the divine creative mystery of three in one and the creature as child of the creator. So there is one path of incarnation; our earth is one incarnate, as are many other living planets we know not of.

On The History Of Ageless Wisdom

But right away from the beginning of embodiment, for reference points of distinction we begin to agree there is north and south, east and west and so we divide to describe. Thus we draw a veil over our eye of wisdom, which sees only one everywhere. There is one earth, one Jesus Christ, one Gautama Buddha, but Buddha, Christ, or Krishna describes the same spirit uniquely manifest. By definition G-d is one ineffable, his manifestation is one and infinite. East or west there is one axis mundi to which all paths lead. This being said such distinctions are inadequate yet somewhat useful. In the east there is the yogic awakening, in the west the hermetic vision, one and the same yet unique in time and place.

One truth manifest in various times and places; much of this history is itself pre-historic; but at some point Shiva revealed his awakening in the east, his way evolved into a sort of primordial Buddhism. Hermes and Zororaster revealed a universal wisdom in the Middle East. Orpheus worshiped the one through Dionysian mystery traditions while the Celts honored the Druids in the west. These are some of the ancient historical manifestations of the one universal ageless wisdom. While the simple duality of east and west is an inadequate categorization of wisdom traditions, east, west and middle-east is little better, still when various periods, schools and mutual influences are considered a fairly useful outline of ageless wisdom traditions may be perceived. The best portrait of universal ageless wisdom is derived however from the lives and teachings of the great historical persons who were fully awakened to the one in all.

In the east there are great Taoist, Buddhist and Hindu yogic traditions. From the Middle East come Kabalistic and Gnosis traditions from Chaldea. And in the West one might explore the Dionysian, Hermetic tradition of Pythagoras. In considering the history of the ageless wisdom of the mystics, one of the most difficult aspects is choosing a starting point. The very term ageless; which I find to be ideally suited to express the quality of this knowledge implies that it is without beginning and not bound by the conscripts of time and place. This quality of timelessness is an essential characteristic of higher truth, which must always remain beyond the mind’s limiting concepts. Another quality of infinite truth however is that it must be omnipresent; which is to say truth can be neither limited nor can it be excluded; meaning infinite truth does find expression, even within the limiting constraints of time and space. Any limited expression of truth is known in the Vedas as Maya, which is still a reflection of the infinite.

A Rosemont Journey

To A Heart Sanctuary

For The New Aeon

My sole purpose in writing about The Rosemont Journey is to promote the concept of a Universal Path to the New Aeon; and to present sincere truth seekers with an opportunity to pursue the fulfillment of their lives purpose, through undertaking the activity of service to this grand ideal. Words or study alone are unable to accomplish these goals. Truth to be fully self-realized must be brought into action. These pages therefore are intended to be used as a tool designed to stimulate your inner appetite for insight and application of universal truth principles.

Often it appears as though new age offerings try to sell what looks like “new wine in old containers”. That is selling “product” mainly for self aggrandizement and offering simple answers but without providing any opportunities to develop the universal awareness needed to allow spiritual awakening to occur. We see the wheel turn but little changes. One can simply say something is new, but the underlying principle of intent or motivation may not be new, or may not be capable of expressing the spirit of that which is ever new.

The only intention in establishing A Rosemont Heart Sanctuary for a New Aeon is to plant a seed of principle, the principle of service to universal and eternal truth, which leads to personal transcendence & fulfillment. Ultimately each one of us must learn to accept and express our personal role, in manifesting the heaven of truth principles within us and around us. A Rosemont Heart Sanctuary should be established within us, to create for each one of us, opportunities to express truth through all of our thoughts, feelings and actions. All Rosemont energies should be directed to serve this end.

Since the goal of establishing this ideal of a Rosemont Heart Sanctuary, is to create opportunities for truth seekers, each of us should take the time needed to personally consider how we can best serve and express our dedication to truth principles. Rosemont Heart Sanctuary dedication will be more affective than doing classes or studies alone. If our spiritual potential is to be more fully realized in this life we must learn to apply the principles of universal truths to everything we think, feel and do. Actually working together with respect for one and all, individuals can learn to be trustworthy and more fully manifest universal good.

A path, which is applicable in all cultural setting and is not restricted by the divisions of dogma has the markings of a Universalist path; a path that may lead to world peace. This has always been the great need of mankind. The only question remaining is how and when may we achieve it? This is the question “Our Universal Journey to the Heart of Being” should attempt to address; and it is the answer, which A Rosemont Heart Sanctuary for a New Aeon must be intended to manifest.

A Rosemont Journey

To A Brighter Tomorrow

Here an invitation to explore the Universal Path of Ageless Wisdom

Leading to the Illumination of a Heart Sanctuary for a New Aeon

If the Universal purpose of one’s life is to seek fulfillment

Then one must ask, “What is the prize?”
Is our goal to obtain a deep palpable understanding

of our truth and purpose?
Is our desire to taste our divine essence,

born of Love and Wisdom?
By whatever motivation, in pursuit of life’s purpose,
A true seeker is engaged in “a Journey of Awakening”.

The Awakened One’s are all Revivalists,

Encouraging sincere seekers, their chelas,

To explore the Universal Path of Ageless Wisdom.

Yet the Awakened One’s create no religion.

Living Truth, they are ever awake to one divine eternal presence.

Here is the path of Ageless Wisdom;

In this moment Awaken Thee!
Breath, feel and see the Universal Presence

of eternal, hallowed, ineffable,
peace and joy.
Understand it’s true nature, Awakens Thee.

Now, Awaken Me.

This is the Universal Illuminist Path of Ageless Wisdom.

Embracing this Path, I am all, for thee!

The Path of Awakening

A Rosemont Journey>

If the concept of this Rosemont Heart Sanctuary for a New Aeon resonates in harmony with the true desire of your own heart, then for your own hearts sake and the sake of a New Aeon; reach out with your mind, your heart and hands in service to your brothers and sisters in spirit, who truly are the children of this New Aeon. Only together can we fully manifest the ideal of our spiritual fulfillment. In order to manifest the spiritual intent of a Rosemont Heart Sanctuary for a New Aeon you personally are invited to join in the creation of a Rosemont Fellowship and to organize individual or group activities in pursuit of the objectives stated herein.

I am personally willing to offer service in support of high aspirations & activities. My feeling is that Rosemont Ideals can lead to the creation of a well-rounded diverse fellowship of truth seekers creating opportunities for each other to express their very own inner truth and beauty. The exploration of Ageless Wisdoms path of return to our true spiritual home is an Illuminating Journey of Awakening. For me life’s illuminating journey of awakening is an exploration of a Rosemont Path, leading to a Heart Sanctuary of the New Aeon.

1. A Rosemont is the mysterious sacred mountain where, one blessed, may discover heavenly roses along the way. This mountain of earth is a challenge in life’s journey, the question is whether to leave it unknown and unexplored or to climb toward the awesome commanding heights of life’s spiritual summit.

2. The New Aeon is the ageless spirit of divine love and peace, which we may someday, perhaps today come to embody.

3. A Heart Sanctuary is the temple of your own love and your heart’s dedication where your ideals are enshrined and worshiped.

Exploring Ageless Wisdom for Integral Living

The Rosemont Journey…

Leading to A Heart Sanctuary For A New Aeon

A Universal Temple for Ageless Wisdom

“Along the quiet paths of life you may come across a sweet rose,

What greater gift could you share?”

The Rosemont Journey is a concept, which attempts to integrate the wisdom of all ages into the context of today’s world, the goal being to achieve a deeper understanding and personal experience of universal truths. The essential quality needed to embrace the Rosemont Journey is one of honoring the underlying truth in all hearts and of all spiritual paths. On a Journey you may wish to embrace the spiritual practices of various cultures.

The Rosemont Journey is intended to serve individuals who appreciate various transformational teachings such as all forms of Yoga, or the teachings of J. Krishnamurti or Paramhansa Yogananda; or perhaps A Course in Miracles, while at the same time explore the teachings of other mystical paths such as the Sufi’s, Taoist, Zen, or other Theosophies.

For me “A New Aeon” refers to the universal divine presence experienced in the here and now. This “New Aeon” appears when and wherever two or more gather to share an experience of inner peace and joy. Sincere hearts may help this New Aeon to blossom in true and selfless service to our highest purpose.

This path of the heart becomes a sanctuary for “a new Aeon” {a spiritual ideal} whenever two or more gather to share the experience of inner peace and joy. With sincerity this Journey blossoms in true service to our highest purpose.

You can help to achieve this purpose by organizing meetings and classes on this topic. Would you be interested in planning the establishment of a Rosemont Fellowship sanctuary and community network anywhere in the world?

A Rosemont Fellowship is intended to support fellow seekers on their Journey to the Heat of Being and to create an opportunity for you to serve your highest ideals. I wish to contact individuals with similar interest, with the intention of organizing meetings or classes addressing the nature of this Journey and in order to promote the establishment of this path of fellowship. You may become part of a network for sharing a Rosemont Journey by contacting me.


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