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Picatrix-Ghayat al Hakim The Premier Grimoire of Astrological Magic

http://www.renaissanceastrology.com/picatrix.html This Art is called Magic… [It] is not easy to understand, and it is hidden from the simpleminded. Magic is a divine power, affecting by original causes… Advertisements

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http://www.edgarcayce.org/about_ec/cayce_on/earth_changes/ From the page “It’ s time for us to wake up and realize that the changing times are happening RIGHT NOW. Our world, our civilization, and our individual lives are all undergoing dramatic personal and collective change. From Cayce’s … Continue reading

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Tarot: Crowley Thoth Deck On-line Reading

http://www.fourthdimension.net/thoth/ The Crowley Thoth On-line Tarot Reading

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