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Kashmiri Shaivite Text ~ Vijñânabhairava Tantra

Vijñânabhairava Tantra Bhairava and Bhairavî, lovingly united in the same knowledge, left the undifferentiated state so their dialog may enlighten all beings. 1. Bhairava’s Shakti, Bhairavî, said: O God, who manifests the universe and makes light of this manifestation, you … Continue reading

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How To End Poverty Worldwide

http://www.publicandprivateenterprise.org/ From the page: Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, the link at the end of this paragraph is to the exact message for this important project for humanity which every person, government, and organization listed on the … Continue reading

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Must Watch: Bill Mahers Religulous Trailer! & FirstShowing.net

http://www.firstshowing.net/2008/06/07/must-watch-bill-mahers-religulous-trailer/ The comments here are so telling. Here’s how it seems to me; Humankind is as though living in a nightmare soup of fear & emotion. Coping beliefs are the creation of persons deeply disturbed; wounded by a sense of … Continue reading

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Valentinus – A Gnostic for All Seasons

http://www.gnosis.org/valentinus.htm True Love Is Truly CaringFriends the way to happiness is in the end of suffering. Normally I’d be reluctant to write this way, but out of love today I do. I know the only advice one can offer is … Continue reading

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