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Kashmiri Shaivite Text ~ Vijñânabhairava Tantra

Vijñânabhairava Tantra Bhairava and Bhairavî, lovingly united in the same knowledge, left the undifferentiated state so their dialog may enlighten all beings. 1. Bhairava’s Shakti, Bhairavî, said: O God, who manifests the universe and makes light of this manifestation, you … Continue reading

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Snow Lion Publications

http://www.snowlionpub.com/pages/N77_3.html A good book on Buddhist Tantas. The Dalai Lamas on Tantra “Where does Niguma live?” Khyungpo Naljor asked. They answered, “If one’s perception is pure, one can see her anywhere, whereas if one’s perception is not pure, she simply … Continue reading

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A Rosemont Fellowship

http://rosemontreunion.blogspot.com/ A Rosemont Way If one ignites a flame in a cave, darkened for eons of time, the darkness flees. Recognizing this eternal truth, every moment, abandon conflict; it’s causes and support. Art credit above – http://www.kimwatersart.net/pages/Tarot.html Please “Click both … Continue reading

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Himalayan Art: Mahasiddhas or Indian Adepts

http://www.himalayanart.org/pages/mahasiddhas.cfm Topic Outlines by Subject Arhats (The Sixteen Great Arhats, Sets, and Related Topics) Arhat Painting Sets (Arranged by Number of figures Per Painting Composition) Avalokiteshvara (The Forms of the Deity) Beijing (Himalayan Art in the City of Beijing, China) … Continue reading

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