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The Chronicles of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

http://www.chronicleproject.com/ A place to spend days “No Original Sin” Coming from a tradition that stresses human goodness, it was something of a shock for me to encounter the Western tradition of original sin…. It seems that this notion of original … Continue reading

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The Kagyu Lineage and the Karmapas: The Indian Lineage

http://www.samye.org/indian.htm Tilopa said; The fool in his ignorance, disdaining Mahamudra, knows nothing but struggle in the flood of samsara. Have compassion for those who suffer constant anxiety! Sick of unrelenting pain and desiring release, adhere to a master, For when … Continue reading

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The Bliss of Inner Fire: Heart … – Google Books

http://books.google.com/books?id=F9g0nYChP4EC&pg=PA221&dq=Readings%20on%20the%20Six%20Yogas%20of%20Naropa&sig=z6F0sZut7570CGSeq5B-CkNaX0I Based on Lama Tsong Khapa’s text “Having the Three Convictions”, this book is a commentary on the renowned Six Yogas of Naropa. Lama Yeshe concentrates mainly on the practice of inner fire, or tumo, the first of the six … Continue reading

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Miranda Shaw, University of Richmond

http://www.mirandashaw.com/ Miranda Shaw comprehensively demonstrates the importance of the feminine divine in Buddhism. She draws together art, scripture, myth, and ritual to bring these goddesses and female Buddhas alive, producing a definitive resource for scholars of Buddhism and of women’s … Continue reading

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