Universal Paths of Mystic Seers

As we are on our way, looking to be awake, we may realize we are well guided by the great explorers who came before us; the great seers knowers & mystics of deep esoteric traditions.
While these great ones have opened paths for us to explore, we ourselves must journey our own path in the deep inspired ways that arise, like rainbow blessings, within our own hearts & minds.

Introduced here are select, universally rooted esoteric traditions, embodied by the true spiritual leaders of the world; the awakened mystic masters of all culturals religions and traditions.

One is well advised to explore any, or all, the great “Yogas”of the ages & world cultures, east & west.

Here’s a “Short List” of what are largely living esoteric traditions East to West.


Yoga/Vedanta Traditions

Kashmiri Shaivism

Vajrayana Buddhism

Chan Buddhism & Zen





Pages introducing each of these will be added here.


One Response to Universal Paths of Mystic Seers

  1. adytumbells says:

    Beautifully presented! :))


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