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Trouble Set Me Free


I have nothing but trouble from my WordPress blog. So I quit it! Bye Bye!

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This Moment We’re before a Temple Door


May each moment we recall; we stand before a timeless temple door. Ready to enter sacred space the way a wild rose does sway; worshipping the sun.  We’re all born for such choiceless awareness. I wish, I pray I might freely choose ~ “to be like that each & every timeless moment”. I hold now thrilled, such timeless surrender.

Surely many pages are written with a hope to clarify what seems most real, along life’s journey. This one timeless moment, I feel, I test; and find most meaningful, so true and real to me. May I try and convey this meaning telling it’s story. The most essential story of my life. My lucky guidance. Lucky like a simple boy, neither driven, nor aspiring for much in this world. So I briefly share what remains.

One timeless day alone, I came to recognize life’s journey; it’s not so much about getting somewhere. Getting anywhere must be the way of being; i.e. to “be in the here now”. Why? Because there must be; infinite fullness in the timeless now. In timeless moments we may stand before a sacred temple door; prepared to enter. Such recognition brings us to that door; In clear timeless moments; in the fullness of an attentive oneness, being.

After college years; where I learned first to discover; all I would never want to do. So my tendency to, solo journey the Rocky Mnts. of Colorado, blossomed within. I’d hiked with friends and notice how most hurried; to get somewhere? To the top? Finally alone I could find I was somewhere each moment off the beaten path; where the native animals journeyed; over peaks and passes; open to reflection in the timeless being of the now; in the oneness of vast timeless space, with intimate oneness, displaying infinite diversity.

I’d see and feel; how beautiful here! Sure I’ll reach the top timeless hours from now. But I’ll  “Be Here Now”, is the oneness of this peace; my destiny; I’ll let it be! The timeless presence of these journeys became the very definition of sacred to me. Blessed in the sacred timeless infinite, of a universal divine presence; all was sacred to me there; in every breath, movement or step, oneness all before the temple door.

Assuring myself “Your on a journey of being present with every step, solo over ridges and timberlines, surrounded by views everywhere. Standing here before the temple door, bowing that I may enter. Truly here I stand before the timeless temple door.

I’d have to stop, to feel the scenery of all sacred space, to hear the wind from peak and valley. So vast, quiet at the hearts door of nature’s temple. Just sit a while and after some time see the signs of trails and such, yet not to rush, as there’s no rush at all. Look more closely see the wild roses dancing, so beautifully in the wind; just like my heart, dancing  with the all. So too I’d look to see the shining Sun like god; high in the sky center of the solar system; there I saw the communion of sun, sky, roses & who am I? A blessed one.

So easily we may miss such sacred moments. Roses soon are gone, just as life goes on. So let us recognize the sacred timeless nature of every temporal moment, yet nothing grieving, everything worshipping every sacred moment with great love and peace. One wonders; are roses worshipping the sun, and the sun there; loving the roses?

Yet all there is, in eternal timeless moments; life passing, perfect with love for all, for the one, that’s all.  As it’s meant to always be; at peace right now. The eternal sacred forever now. May we see this way, as we journey in the fullness of every eternal timeless, divine sacred, moment, Ever in the now; In every now. So this way we enter an eternal temple of our sacred being. ~ Om Shanti ~sun_rose

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Dance of the Rose

Inspired by love for the OneRoseCelest
I wish to share this dance of the heart
That we may be inspired by love of open eyes.

It seems in moments unforgotten;
Awaking, silently in breathless Love Divine,
We find the very ground of all being.
The ecstatic embrace of “the One”
Causal beingness; infinite eternal love,
That in the deep. For love is not shallow.

How can we know truth and express it
If we are not consumed by it?
Nourished and sustained by it.

Empty words are void; better left restrained
Be silently watching, fasting, yearning
for the beauty of truth sweet & savory

Like smiling buds heralding sweet fruit.
Finally to taste and share in blessed communion
All that is good shining with love
Such love is true and meant for all to share

My heart too dances fully blessed
whenever I notice a rose dance for the sun
To find in bliss the sun is dancing too.

Ah, the timeless moment, whenever we see
every bliss filled shining particle, is living in love.
We may see then, all there is, is dancing with love

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A Rose Gives Bees Honey

w/Commentary on Dat Rosa Mel Apibus by John Eberly

24″ x 36,” acrylic on canvas, 2000

Many have & many will ~ Journey A Rosemont Way ~ In the sweetness of the ever now, on a timeless way, awakening.

(DAT ROSA MEL APIBUS “The Rose Gives The Bees Honey” after the original motto found in the engraving (possibly) by Johann Thedore deBry (d. 1598).

This image of the Rosa Mundi, or Rota Mundi, is the solar wheel of Apollo, the Lord of movement, of the ever passing/present moment. It is the Solar Citadel, the abode of the Heart, the symbolic center of the Supreme Center which is everywhere centered at once. It is a door through which this invisible place may be accessed by one with a pure heart and an unblemished soul. If one gains access to the center of the rose, it speaks the “lost word” of Masonic lore, the Master Word which throws open the lodge doors of every sacred society.
In DAT ROSA MEL APIBUS the Solar Rose represents the labyrinth, the path and pilgrimage of a particular lifetime. The journey into the center can be thorny, but the destination is sweet, like honey to the bee. The pitfalls of the journey are symbolized by the transformative spider and her webs. In the engraving upon which this painting was based, the spider is absent: Love has conquered Death. The term arachnid comes from Arachne, the Greek maiden who was transformed into a spider after losing a weaving contest to the goddess Athena. The spider’s spiral webs show us the dangers on the road to Love, trick snares set to bind and trap, and ultimately victimize the inattentive wayfarer. On the surface, one may reasonably confuse the labyrinth of the rose for that of the web. This requires an inward looking, intuitive approach like that of the bee seeking to pollinate the receptive flower. If the bee successfully reaps the rewards of this lovemaking, the honey will enrich and nourish the entire community of the hive. However, as the symbolism found in DAT ROSA MEL APIBUS shows, while this path may work for bees…

A devout man in deep contemplation, with his head reclined on the bosom of meditation, was immersed in the ocean of vision. When he recovered from that state, one of his companions, by way of pleasantry, said, “What miraculous present have you brought us from this garden which you have been visiting?” He answered, “It was my intention, that, when I reached the rose-bush, I would fill my lap with flowers, for presents for my friends, but when I came to the spot, the odor so overpowered my senses, that my skirt dropped out of my hands.” -Saadi (The Gulistan or Rose Garden trans. by Francis Gladwin for Willard Small, Boston, 1884.)

The following description of the original engraving upon which the DAT ROSA MEL APIBUS painting is based is given in Joscelyn Godwin’s definitive work on Robert Fludd.

The Rose and the Cross: “The Rose gives the bees honey” (DAT ROSA MEL APIBUS). tThis explicitly Rosicrucian symbol was first used at the head of Joachim Frizius’s Summum Bonum, then adopted for (Robert) Fludd’s Clavis. A rose with seven petals each alludes, in all probability, to secret doctrines of septenary emanation such as were later to be publicized in the theosophical works of H.P. Blavatsky. The Rose surmounts the thorny cross, the whole resembling the sign of Venus in which the solar circle triumphs over the cross of matter. We may interpret the motto as saying that “spiritual knowledge gives solace to souls,” of whom bees are a venerable symbol. The spider’s webs (also with sevenfold divisions) strung on a grape arbor in the background, and the wingless insect on the rose (a spider?) may represent negative, lunar forces, as oppossed to the positive, solar one of the bees, both of which are reconciled by the philosophic rose.
-Joscelyn Godwin, in Robert Fludd – Hermetic Philosopher of Two Worlds. Shambala, Boulder, 1979: 10 [w/illustration.]

It is curious that Dr. Godwin fails to see the wings on the bee that has arrived at his destination, the rose! This winged bee is clearly represented in every reproduction of the rose engraving that your author/painter has seen…All of the other speculative symbolic observations hold, especially the observation that the image is one of the alchemical symbols of Venus, the goddess of Love.
The seven circles of seven petals each symbolize the number of squares (7 squared = 49) of the magic circle of Venus, of the “intelligence” (as opposed to the Spirits) of the goddess. Seven in the Hebrew alphabet/number system represents Dagh, the Fish, symbol of Christ. Seven is also the number of the Babylonian God of good Fortune. Seven is of course the number of the Liberal Arts and also of the Deadly Sins.
Without doubt, this rose engraving has over time become the consummate emblem of the order of the Rosy Cross, or the Rosicrucians, an essentially “invisible”order. Many individuals and groups have made claims to be the “true” rosicrucians, however, since the original manifestos appeared in the early 16th century the jury has been out concerning who they might actually be. These documents were designed to give the appearance of a Christian utopian group based on the model of the organization of Freemasonry working clandestinely within society to effect world-wide change. These changes were meant for the overall good of humankind, while at the same time being anarchistic in their view of a one world economy and government.
Probably the work of one man, most likely Lutheran minister Johannes Valentine Andrae, the documents have had the effect of change upon the imagination, and metanoia upon the hearts of those receptive readers in every succeeding age. Whether this has also caused an effect upon world governments is open to speculation, however, the Rosicrucian utopian vision has not (yet ?) taken concrete hold upon mankind.
“The Rosicrucian Order is a state of mind. One becomes a Rosicrucian: one does not join the Rosicrucians…” -Paul Foster Case
Through the symbology of the DAT ROSA MEL APIBUS, the intersection of the spiritual and the physical worlds, access to the utopian state of mind afforded by the Rosy Cross manifestoes is gained.

On the other hand, since the Rose-Cross has been mentioned in connection with the seal of Luther (See Regnabit, Dec. 1925), we say that this hermetic emblem was at first specifically Christian, whatever false and more or less “naturalistic” interpretations have been given it, from the eighteenth century onwards; and is it not remarkable that in this figure, the rose occupies the centre of the cross, the very place of the Sacred Heart? Apart from those representations where the five wounds of the Crucified are represented as so many roses, the central rose, when it stands alone, can very well be identified with the Heart itself, the vase which contains the blood, which is the centre of life and also the centre of the entire being. -Rene Guenon (Fundamental Symbols, p 22.)

The red rose is the consummate Christian symbol of martyrdom. St. Ambrose, one of the four great Doctors of the Catholic church, tells us that before it became a flower of the earth, the rose grew in heaven without thorns. Following the Fall of Adam, which brought everything spiritual into the material realm, the rose took on thorns to remind humankind of its sins, while its beauty and fragrance remained to remind one of the Paradise lost. Thus, the Virgin Mary is known as the “rose without thorns” as she was exempt from original sin. Roses in connection with Christian saints generally represent their (re)ascent into heaven.
The bee represents hard work, diligence, harmony, and order. The honey, the essence of the activity of the hive, is a symbol of Christ and the virginity of Mary. The honey has also become in Christian symbolism a sign of religious eloquence, assigned to saints like St. Ambrose and St. Bernard of Clairvaux. St. Ambrose compared the beehive to the church as a symbol of the pious and unified community, and the Christian to the ardently working bee, who never sleeps, always vigilant and constantly acquiring virtue, adding “honey” to the whole community. On this point, the mystical philosopher Maurice Maeterlinck referred to the “spirit of the hive,” echoed by Rudolf Steiner, anthroposophical “Rosicrucian” who said that “ is the entire beehive that is wise.” Indeed, Steiner felt that the bee and its community in which sexual love has been transmuted into love in the heart have evolved beyond that of the human one,

Since this love life is held back in all the bees except a single queen, the sexual life of the beehive is transformed into all of this activity that the bees develop among themselves…This is a very wise form of life. -Rudolf Steiner, Bees, (Hudson: Anthroposophic Press, 1998).

The Spider represents the miserly Devil, who sets traps and bleeds the victim of human frailty, symbolized by the cobweb.
The cross, and especially the center, at the crossing point, the bindu; is the intersection where the spiritual meets the material plain, as in the Rose of Sharon. Sharon and of Sharon or Lassharon in Hebrew defined as “plain,” “honest,” “tranquil,” and “harmonious.” Where spirit enters the center the rose appears.
The rose in DAT ROSA MEL APIBUS is not, as has been described above, restricted to Christian symbolism. Christianity after all is a religion that developed by virtue of its syncretistic assimilation of several older traditions. This symbolism transcends the particular to become universal in its application and essence. It is true, however, in keeping with the Christian description, that if the viewer of this image accesses the spirit if the rose, the thorns will no doubt disappear.


Painting Research Bibliography

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Heart of a Rose



Timeless Moments at the Temple Door

Daily I wish to recall a moment;
when I sat at the door of sacred space
were wild roses sway; worshiping the sun.
They were born for this choice-less awareness.
I wished & prayed that I might freely choose
to by like a rose in every timeless moment.
I hold it still as timeless surrender to remember.

Surely many pages I’ve written to myself; hoping to clarify what seems most important, as we journey. Seeking till there is just one thing I feel then try to test as most meaningful and true to me. Perhaps I can convey it’s essence telling a brief story; The most essential story of my life. My lucky guidance. Lucky because I’m a simple boy subtly driven, aspiring to understand life in this world.

If I may briefly share a few blessings I notice.
Have you noticed time is always fleeting?
But this moment now; always, potentially full, of loving presence.

One day, alone, I came to recognize,
Life’s journey is not so much about getting somewhere;
it’s more about being fully in the present just where we are;
May I say in the infinite timeless moment of now.
Such, must be the way of being, to “be here now”.
Why, because there must be an infinite fullness of the timeless now.
In timeless moments we are at the temple door; prepared to enter. Let me explain the recognition which brought me to the door.
It became clear to me simply by paying attention.

See, in and after my college years that is, first after learning
& discovering what I didn’t want to do;
I developed a tendency to solo “bushwhack” the Rocky mnts. of Colorado.
By that, I mean I use to hike alone often off the trail;
so mainly on animal trails over passes and peaks,
which offered great time and space for observation and reflection.
Long prior to such solo trips I often hiked with friends;
some seeming to be in a hurry, to get somewhere; I guess to the top.
I’d think to myself; that’s hours from now. Look how beautiful it is here!
I’ll reach the top by & by. To “Be Here Now”, is my destination, so let it be!

My solo journey’s thus became very sacred to me.
Feeling blessed to be in God’s county, I would explore;
trying to be calmly present every step.
I’d think to myself” I’m on a journey of being, present each step,
Going to discover the temple door, that I might enter.
One day I was there by the temple door.
I hiked to a high intermediate ridge above timberline,
surrounded by views in every direction.
I had to stop and view the scenery, and hear the wind from peak and valley.
It’s so vast, yet quiet at the hearts door of natures temple.
So I sat awhile;
after some time I thought to look around for signs of trails and such,
but felt too I shouldn’t rush, so I looked more closely,
noticing wild roses before me dancing lightly in the breeze.
I looked too, to see there, the sun light of god;
in the sky maintaining all in it’s solar system;
and I saw the communion there of sun sky and roses.
So easily I might have missed this sacred moment.
The rose might soon be gone as life goes on.
I had to recognize the sacred timeless nature of this temporal moment.

No One was grieving, all were worshiping the sacred moment
in great quiet, love and peace.
I wondered are the roses worshiping the sun,
or is the sun there tending to the roses?
But now there was only an eternal timeless moment
in that passing perfect life and love
All was as it’s meant to be at peace in the now. An eternal sacred now.
You might look this way as you journey in the stillness of your eternal timeless & divine moments; only one is everlasting, two ever passing

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Some Things I Wonder

Here are Some Things I Wonder
In essence, Wonder seems to be at the heart of all that is. Wonder fills the universe, for it is the universe. In mind, thought; time & space there is no end to Wonder. Beyond thought, to being, there is only the infinite fullness of now, each timeless moment. That being so, wonder permeates all time and space, though we don’t always recognize it, being distracted by our believe that we know something more; such as the essence of life and death.
Life is the fullness of every moment, death is our blindness to wonder. Life and death in any moment. Life is what brings us to fullness, death is what drives us apart, in our separateness. When we fail to connect; whether purposely or not, we join the walking dead; squandering the essence of life and love..
If you don’t believe this, then tell me; why do we fail to live and work together in a deeply personal way, truly knowing, trusting each other? Knowing must come to the point of trusting. So why do we commodify our relationships? Like property. What are we worth? More or less. Then who can we depend upon? We are diseased by doubt.
Doubt is not Wonder. In doubt we go to hell. In wonder we live in Love. My point being we live blind, though we yearn to see. We ache and we cry for love but we do not love, we negotiate. When we can not trust we contract. So we remain alone, separate. Like cattle in a herd, waiting for slaughter but scheming against the inevitable.
Forgive me, I must offer a solution to such a hellish curse! Then I beg of you now; Let us live in love every timeless moment. That means now! Let that be our motive to be grounded in hearts full of love; making that promise & agreement with every other; seeking and offering trust. Living each moment in the wonder of love, for self & every other. If you want to live more truly now, live in wonder, wonder that awakes as knowing. Knowing the fulness of every eternal moment. And somehow, share that knowing if you may love; awakening in the fullness of timeless loving wonder.

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Awaken Now your own "Rosemont Way"

The PAth

Explore  Inner Paths of Timeless Wisdom

Awaken to the Ever New within & around us

Inspired by all who are “Travelers on a Spiritual Journey” I feel obliged to offer here, as best I can, two basic, I dare say essential points; able to enliven and inform our Universal Sacred Paths of Awakening. Not paths to awakening, but “Paths of Awakening” ever expanding wakeful awareness  informing every moment. With this aim in mind may I suggest that what I’ve come to call “A Rosemont Way”; includes any way which points toward “Our Essential Universal Awakening”; meaning that which is the very heart of every awakening tradition. A path first and foremost intended to evoke direct experience, in the lives of psychologically mature individuals who are self-enabled to embrace and embody a progressive vision of True Universal Fellowship; the ideal of every seer, saint, prophet, master, guru tulku or avatar. I dare say a tainted religious view would to one that mainly seeks to appear greater, by making others seem lesser; exploiting difference rather than nurturing agreements.

Though founded on Ageless Wisdom, A Rosemont Way may be somewhat unique in that a seeker, explorer may feel neither encouraged; nor discouraged from; embracing a particular style or school of spiritual belief. One might say New Age suggesting a universal theosophy without a burden of history, but ever new, transformative. So A Rosemont Way is meant to suggest and embody the awakened process revealing universal realities at the heart of the “ever present, eternal timeless moment”. Not like a process of critical analysis alone, but a creative, experiential awakening to universal wholeness. An ideal; focused not on problems and differences, but rather encouraging focus on a way of seeing, which opens the door to liberating reconciliation of body/mind, soul & spirit. A worthy goal of all true spiritual seekers & traditions. A Rosemont Way would quite naturally recognize real mystics and spiritual adepts as the only true authorities with regard to all things spiritual. Letting their lives and teaching guide the way to “A Heart Sanctuary for a New Aeon”. An ever new, timeless awakening .

And then Awakening, beyond belief; to embrace the intuitive wisdom of pure hearts, you may find “Integral Living” Is a Universal Way We can Journey Together. So One may come to a place, where we have no choice, but to promote cherished ideals held supreme; living each day with heart filled Universal Fellowship.

Our journey is coming home,
Our way awakening.
fulfilled in sharing.

Let’s make it clear A Rosemont Way in not a new idea; it’s basis is ageless wisdom. It’s cloak is a healing oneness; not a judgmental separation.
Ageless Wisdom refers to that which is true without beginning or end.
As neophytes we may struggle putting the horse before the cart; being unclear what comes first. Surely our way must be known, or the journey’s end may be lost.

Why do some religions try; out of the goodness of their hearts, to sell their way as the only way? Awake we feel this needs to be clear; A Universal Way means that each individual journey is unique & valid for the soul’s evolution. We each have our way. Each one stands in its own place in time & space; each & every life is for an individual’s striving to awaken fully to the one unifying wholeness.

Sure there are helpful maps & guides for all we do, but in the end our divine nature blossoms from deep within our own soulful experience; grounded in our very own universal nature; awakening in us as though it arises anew. The guiding principles of all religion come from universal ageless truths; In darkness of the mind it gets twisted by greed, conflict, guilt & oppression.

This only seems the great quandary of existence; how to recognize an omnipresent unity in apparently endless diversity? In seeing beautiful diversity in harmony we may attain peace & understanding. So our Journey is to demonstrate reconciliation, in universal peace; the way we must be each moment is ever wakeful to the truth of oneness, which can enable & glorify our success in ennobled universal fellowship with every act & intention.

The way to One I call “A Rosemont Way”& ageless wisdom is the horse
The journey “A Rosemont Journey” ~ that is the path
And the Cart is “A Rosemont Fellowship” which enables our aspirations
And the Goal, our home, is “A Rosemont Heart Sanctuary” ~
A Temple of Universal Fellowship ~ embracing no opposition.

Embracing Oneness it simply becomes clear.

Our Rosemont Journeywild rose
Of Bright Awakening

If the Universal purpose of one’s life is to seek fulfillment
Then one must ask, “What is the prize?”
Is our goal to obtain a deep palpable understanding
of our truth and purpose?
Is our desire to be awake to our divine essence,
born of Love and Wisdom?

By whatever motivation, in pursuit of life’s purpose,
A true seeker is engaged in “a Journey of Awakening”.

The Awakened One’s are all Revivalists,
Encouraging sincere seekers, their chelas,
To explore the Universal Path of Ageless Wisdom.
Yet the Awakened One’s create no religion.
Living Truth, they are ever awake to one divine eternal presence.

Here is the path of Ageless Wisdom;
In this moment Awaken Thee!
Breath, feel and see the Universal Presence
of eternal, hallowed, ineffable,
peace and joy.
Understand its true nature, Awakens Thee.
Now, Awaken Me.
This is a Universal Illumined Path of Ageless Wisdom.
Embracing this Path, I am all, for thee!

“A Rosemont Reunion ~ A Universal Fellowship Community Network”

On an Explorers Journey Awakening there comes a time when perhaps vast seas, mountains or plains may stand before us.Then what can one do all alone? Humankind’s survival has always depended upon fellowship, family or community. Our survival and advancement is always greatly aided when sharing common aims and means. Even today we may find progressive companies who recognize the mutual benefits of serving the well being of customers, clients and employees alike. There are certainly no rational barriers to the creation of progressive supportive collaborative intentional universalist communities; rather there are so many, both tangible and intangible supportive reasons, to favor such incorporation. The first justification being a greater direct influence and control over one’s quality of life; one living and working environment; which should offer the ability to establish a holistic lifestyle; which one more directly establishes, influences and controls. 2ndly is the transformation of one’s relationships from those which are quite impersonal to closer personal relationships with shared interests values and experiences. These transformations offer a more connected fulfilling life shared with more like minded associates along with great social influence and security. Think of having your needs provided for almost exclusively by individuals known to you on a first name basis.

While even a small group of collaborators can achieve impressive results, like a small company. In order to better achieve assure & secure such invaluable lifestyle transformations a certain order of magnitude would be required. So while there may be some optimum orders of magnitude which can be recognized as a sweet spot; this spot might vary considerably depending on the objectives of all participants. One idea perhaps worth considering, in order to maximize results and their success, might be to create a  network of various intentional communities perhaps international, by which members could take time to explore different environments.

Community to me means something very tangible and comprehensive, like a seed planted in fertile ground properly tended naturally flowering and bearing fruit; shallow to describe, but sweet to smell & taste. It is the true brave heart that both seeks and encourages sharing; hopes, dreams and aspirations in this regard; and so establishes a love of service to all true hearts most dear. Such hopes and dreams here hinted at with intentions to collaborate in manifesting such a network, path, plan in order to embody the direct experience of our shared & wholly divine presence .

May we all encourage & seek support for fellowship activities leading to community; by way of~

  • 1-Networking
  • 2-Dialog,
  • 3-Meetings,
  • 4-leading to workshops,
  • 5-planning groups,
  • 6-resources,
  • 7-community building,
  • 8-organizational development

These are some of the ways we can begin manifesting in our lives the divine nature of “A Universal Way, Awakening”. Such activities can lead to the creation of a well-rounded, diverse, inspired community of truth seekers, creating opportunities for each other to express each ones very own inner truth and beauty.

So “2 related Ideals”

      1. Transforming our state of awareness, our world view, our “Self” image
      2. Establishing Fellowship and Community as a vessel, for our shared “Self Realization” and well being.

I hope you will embrace ways which enable your life to nurture the embodiment of your highest ideals

Namaste’ with love, light & fellowship in the One & All.

Furthermore ~ Some Ways to Rosemont Journey , Ananda Bijam Yoga

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Culture Creating Community

An Invitation to Embody & Share A Truly Holistic Way of Life

Edited for my About. Friends

Do You Strive to Embody & Share A Truly Holistic Way of Life?

Have you ever considered what’s needed to establish and nurture the deepest sorts of constructive, progressive working relations? Naturally such would be built upon a foundation of highly dependable and constructive agreements, with long term, common cause, shared by colleagues like friends and family. How can such agreements & relationships arise? From trust built in facing shared struggles and successes, addressing life’s most important issues. These are issues and relations I’ve considered ever since my college days in the 70’s. After a couple of years study Business and Economics it became clear to me that something more was needed; more then theoretical formulaic studies which seemed but a body without soul.

So seeking a life more well rounded and to complete my degree work I found classes in topics such as land trusts and cooperatives. Never the less during those final years of college and ever since then, I spent most of my time exploring all things psychological, spiritual, philosophical & practical. Finally after about 20 years of working in business, management; living sometimes in community, teaching yoga, and exploring the western USA, I finally moved to California; where I’ve lived now more than 20 years.

Here now; Living simply, in a lovely community, nurturing sacred ideals of a truly Universal Fellowship. Living to seek wisdom regarding how, we together may embody our truest ideals of the heart. To live life as if this world is a Universal Heart Sanctuary builds within us a foundation for a Universal Holistic Culture; grounded in healing rather than judging. Such Inner sanctuaries establish “a Foundation for Holistic Cultural Advancement”; offering security and fulfillment, both personally and socially. Intentional Community acquires Trans-formative powers, when matched with holistic intentions. Here Social Security implies a foundational structure of ownership for wellness. That is “A Structure of Sustainability, Sufficiency & Security” in the most important areas of life. Work, play, family, creativity, community, aspiration, environment, economics, education, wellness, wisdom, happiness. A reasoned commitment is required to know it, believe it and do it; one can simply look around and consider the alternatives for all our days to come.

Well envisioned Intentional Cooperative Communities can support & nurture every aspect of life’s journey with high quality practical & progressive intentions; in areas such as wellness, all the arts, business, trades, sustainable living as well as any other leading edge or alternative holistic ventures. We’re beyond our time to convince those who haven’t at least suspected as much; thinking it through and through. Start-up communities need to be able to attract progressive constructive serviceful leaders, who with confidence work to actualize some model of sustainable holistic & creative lifestyles. If you, yourself are about ready to take on such an, amazing, beyond words, venture; I’d love to encourage and support; deeply holistic, progressive visions, which can birth living communities anywhere in the world; in all the many ways imagined, dreamed of and believed in. A dream beautiful to share.

What’s needed most is mature creative and courageous openness dedicated to exploring deeply transformative possibilities. I believe in all I suggest, and I hope upon further thought you will consider supporting these ideas, by participating in such endeavors, with like-minded aspiring reality dreamers. Like-mindedness itself grows from trust nurtured by collaborative growth in essential ways.

Structurally I believe such communities should act professionally somewhat like progressive participatory companies. First, by way of organizational communication, constructively sharing views; hopes dreams and plans, doubts & needs. Demonstrating a commitment to form organizations, offering ownership in order to establish funds invested in real property. I hope you yourself may consider the immeasurable value of dedicating heart/mind energy & talents to a deeper experience of wholeness in our lives; which is what mature dedication to relationships within community offer in truly priceless ways.

In support of your own aspirations and efforts I hope your dreams of wellness may include working with others for a sustainable culture. If not what does the future hold? Are you on course to find a path fulfilling & sustaining to your highest dreams? And what will we leave to the future? Dedicated to creatively pursuing a dream how do we make them real? May I say, by working together.When we collaborate creatively as a holistic culture our mutual support is a precious blessing to all, now and in the future.

If the topic is of interest to you “like it” and I will update you by the new year

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For more “Rosemont” posts on topic visit ~universal-fellowship/spiritual-community

Best Wishes!

Other Aspects Addressed here /Spiritual-Community /

BN people
Community Network
Land Trusts
Church status

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Paramahansa Yogananda on Resurrection and Christ Consciousness

From the April 2010 edition of the Self-Realization Fellowship eNewsletter

Paramahansa Yogananda on Resurrection and Christ Consciousness

Paramahansa Yogananda pranam

Behold thine immortal Self resurrected with Christ in the illuminating Light of Christ Consciousness, present in every soul, every flower, every atom.
Be One With Christ Consciousness

When we open our inner eyes of soul wisdom, we behold the omnipresent Light of God. Within this Light is the consciousness of Christ, the “Son” or pure reflection of God present everywhere in the universe. This Christ Consciousness, the Infinite Christ, is God’s intelligence and love knocking on the closed eyelids of our souls, urging us that all we have to do is look to this Light within and we shall see all ignorance and diversities vanish. To him who has opened his inner eye, everything is One.


Resurrection means that the universal Spirit present in all creation as the Christ Consciousness is constantly being resurrected − awakened or manifested − in everything. Whenever you do away with ignorance and think good thoughts, Christ is being resurrected within you; that is, the Christ Consciousness that was fully manifested in Jesus is awakening within you.
Resurrection is not the power of Spirit in the body of Jesus only; Spirit is in everyone. Nor does man have to die in order to resurrect Spirit. The physical resurrection of Christ was only part of the lesson of his life. Every time you give up a weakness and feel happy in being good, Christ is resurrected anew. You can bring Christ Consciousness within you right now.


Resurrect your calmness from beneath the soil of restlessness; resurrect your wisdom from the enshrouding earthliness of ignorance; resurrect your love from beneath the sod of mundane human attachment − with its limited love for family, society, and country − to divine love for all.


To find the real Christ you must expand your consciousness as Jesus did….The physical way of practicing what Christ taught is to behave toward all as the children of your own Father, and the spiritual way is to meditate until you feel the vast joy of God through the Christ Consciousness. Universal brotherhood will not come until, by deepest concentration and devotion, you stand aside from all your restless thoughts and feelings and sit in the temple of your soul, wherein the vast joy of God expands and engulfs this world, and you realize there is naught else but That.

The Resurrection of Jesus in Light of Kriya Yoga

We understand resurrection in its true sense when we comprehend the yoga science that clearly defines the underlying principles by which Jesus resurrected his crucified body into the freedom and light of God….
Jesus’ resurrection was little understood, and much disbelieved even though he made himself visible to hundreds of people − not only to his close disciples. In those days they comprehended only that Jesus was dead and then he was alive, but they did not understand the science and art of ascension and resurrection, as is defined in the timeless scriptures of Yoga. No other science has detailed the descent of the individualized consciousness of God as the soul into man and its evolutionary and spiritual ascent back into Spirit. In this modern age, Kriya Yoga has been brought forward after being lost in the dark ages, as a definite method to hasten the spiritual evolution of human consciousness and open the inner cerebrospinal pathway of ascension.

Prayer and Affirmation for Easter Morning

“Heavenly Christ, saturate our consciousness with Thy consciousness. Give us a new birth in Thee.”

Affirm and feel:


“Heavenly Father, awaken me in Christ Consciousness.

Christ and I are one.
Joy and I are one.
Peace and I are one.
Wisdom and I are one.                        
Love and I are one.
Bliss and I are one.
Christ and I are one. Christ and I are one. Christ and I are one.”

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“On the Road to Shambala”

“On the Road to Shambala”

Wash away my troubles, wash away my pain
With the rain in Shambala
Wash away my sorrow, wash away my shame
With the rain in Shambala

Everyone is helpful, everyone is kind
On the road to Shambala
Everyone is lucky, everyone is so kind
On the road to Shambala

How does your light shine
In the halls of Shambala
How does your light shine
In the halls of Shambala

I can tell my sister by the flowers in her eyes
On the road to Shambala
I can tell my brother by the flowers in his eyes
On the road to Shambala

How does your light shine
In the halls of Shambala
Tell me how does your light shine
In the halls of Shambala
How does your light shine
In the halls of Shambala

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